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Temtem Starter Choice Guide – Who to Choose?

by Ginny Woo

So, you’ve been cracking into the adorable Temtem beta. For those who aren’t in the know, this Pokemon-like MMO doesn’t hold any illusions as to the source material that it’s inspired by. It does everything short of directly point to a giant sign marked “Pokemon” in its opening hours. That being said, if you can’t intuitively figure out what’s going on here, our Temtem starter choice guide should help you in terms of which one to pick.

Temtem Starter Choice Guide

Exactly like Pokemon, the Temtem starter Pokemon will come in three different options. Each has a different corresponding type and match-up that it’ll do well in, and you’ll be looking at the following three choices when you first start everything up and have a kick around the tall grass:

  • Smazee – Melee Type
  • Houchic – Mental Type
  • Crystle – Crystal Type

While these Types aren’t analogous to Pokemon per se, how the matchup works is pretty simple. Your Melee starter will be strong against Crystal Type critters, your Mental starter will be strong against Melee Type enemies, and your Crystal starter will be strong against Mental Type foes. We have a list of skills that the starters can learn here for your reference

It really all boils down to your personal preference, but we would mention Crystal and Mental creatures as being a little rarer to get your mitts on than a Melee Type, so those who are building a team purely down to Type matchups might want to give Smazee a miss off the bat. Houchic is strong against Neutral and Melee Type matchups, and it isn’t that easy to get Mental Type creatures in the early game so valuing this particular choice could also be the way to go. Crystle, aptly named, also comes recommended by us above the relatively ordinary Smazee but it’s definitely not the only Crystal Type that you’ll get to find in quick succession. That being said, we reckon it’s down to Crystle and Houchic as the real frontrunners here, so make your pick according to cuteness and run with it. Hopefully our Temtem starter choice guide has made the act of picking between these critters 

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