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Temtem Evolution Guide – How Does It Work?

by Nicholas Barth

It is no secret that a vast multitude of players has taken a liking to the creature collection MMO of Temtem following its release into Early Access. Temtem allows players to obtain companions who are all unique characters with powerful abilities they can use to defeat each other within a battle. One of the most critical aspects of this MMO game is evolution, as it allows creatures to become even stronger.  Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the evolution process in this title covered for you.

Temtem Evolution

Players will find that the characters in this MMO title will evolve when they have gained the required amount of levels for their evolution to take place beginning at the level the character was caught. Examples of this process are a level 7 Crystle evolving to the creature of Sherald at level 37 due to Crystle needing to gain 30 levels to change or a level 5 Paharo changing into Paharac at level 12 because Paharo needs to achieve seven levels to evolve.  

 Temtem Evolution

(photo courtesy of Temtem Gamepedia)

Individuals also can cancel an evolution that is in the process of being completed by pressing the escape key or hitting the key in the bottom right corner of the screen. 

There are also different kinds of chains that characters can follow when it comes to evolving. Some can not evolve at all, while others can evolve once or twice in their evolution chains. Each step in an evolution chain increases the base states of the creature and can also allow them to learn new technique courses. 

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