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How to Add Friends in TemTem

by Liana Ruppert

Despite a chaotic launch day with their servers, the Pokemon-inspired MMO TemTem has been the talk of the gaming town with many enjoying the latest adventure to hit the scene. With the ability to play something that many are calling an ‘unofficial Pokemon MMO’, it makes sense that players are looking to sync up. If you’re one of them, here’s how to add friends in TemTem. 

How to add friends in TemTem

When looking at your friends list, you’ll notice a variety of symbols marking their TemTem profile. This is important, but not difficult to navigate, promise. But, before we talk about the symbols, you need to actually open up your friends list first so what you need to do is open up the menu by hitting Tab and then scroll down to the second option from the bottom to select the action marked by two figures standing side-by-side. 

Once this option is selected, you’ll see your Friend Board in action in addition to a few different features as well. To go to your specific friendlist, however, select the option in this menu that looks like two heads. This will bring you right to your personalized friends list where you can select players to game with or add newcomers to your growing list. 

How to search for friends in TemTem

To add a new buddy to TemTem, you’re going to see a Search tool at the very top. Like most games, it’s simple: just enter in the username of the person you’d like to add and then hit enter to start the search. Once found, hit the plus symbol (+) to add them to your friends list and from there you’ll be able to play co-op, send private messages, see their clubs – you name it! There are quite a few features that the Friend Board offers, which makes this already fun MMO even better because of the depth of interaction. 

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