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Tears of the Kingdom – How to Get the Ember Armor Set in TOTK

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by Shaun Cichacki

While venturing through the world before you in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you may find a variety of different treasures in the world. Ranging from different types of weapons to a vast assortment of different armor, you’ll always have something to work toward on this adventure. The Ember Armor is one of the most visually appealing sets available in the game, but knowing where to search for them is only the start of this quest, so let’s hit the road and find out where all of the different pieces for this unique armor set are hiding.

Where To Get Ember Headress in Tears Of The Kingdom?

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Start at the Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower (0343, 3133, 0180) and set a pin at the above location (1744, 2710, 0400). Once you arrive, you may need to fight off a few Bokoblins and a Boss Bokoblin, so ensure you have plenty of weapons and fusible materials.

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There are a few different caves and caverns at this location, so you’ll want to search out the one with the tattered fabric banner hanging in front of its entrance. This will lead you into an area with unbearable heat, so you will need either the Flamebreaker Armor or the Divine Beast helmet to avoid roasting alive inside. You can also make some Heat Resistance Food to help you survive.

Once you have entered the cave, there will be a breakable wall to the north side of the cave. Use the Vow of Yunobo to bust down this wall to reveal a Zonai vehicle behind it. You will need to enter this cavern and rebuild the car to get across the lava lake that is in front of you. Use the Ultrahand to grab the vehicle and pull it out of the cavern and get to driving.

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Directly across the lake of lava, there is a small shrine with a Treasure Chest inside. The solution is easy enough; just hop in the car and make it across unscathed. There aren’t many obstacles in the way, so you shouldn’t have to worry about tipping your vehicle over and getting burned on this small journey.

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Inside, you will find the first piece of gear for the Ember Set: the Ember Headdress, with massive horns that jut out from the side of an elaborate headband. Now that we’ve gotten this piece, it’s onto the Tunic.

Where To Get The Ember Shirt In Tears Of The Kingdom

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tart at the Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower (0343, 3133, 0180) and set a pin at the above location (1477, 2033, 0207). Once you land, there may be a few enemies waiting to challenge you, including a Black Moblin and Black Bokoblins. Using Fused Arrows to knock them down and then unleashing powerful attacks with your weapons will help you eliminate them quickly and get strong fused parts.

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Enter into the Glowing Cavern shown above, but make sure to equip some flame-resistant gear once again, as it will be unbearably hot inside of this cave.

Once you have entered, you’ll want to approach the Lava Falls shown here and wait for one of the floating platforms to get closer to use. Use Recall to send it back to its original location, jumping off at the other side of the lava falls. You do not want to try and ride this up to the top, as you could get hit by another platform, spinning you into the lava below.

Once you jump off at this point, there will be a Fire Like-Like waiting for you on the other side of the Lava Falls. Bait it to show you the stone within, or shoot it from a distance with an arrow. Do not try attaching a Bomb Flower to your arrows, or they will just explode due to the heat. Once you have defeated it, it’s time to move on to the next step.

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You can either use an ice object to throw into the lava or wait for a platform to make its way around, but you’ll need to ride the lava once again. It’s a slow and arduous journey, but keep your eyes peeled for the next jumping location. You’ll have a small choice to make here.

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Once you are near the end of the river, you’ll have one of two choices to make:

  • Ride it out and ascend to the platform
  • Jump off here and make your way to the goal

Personally, I chose to ascend and get the treasure chest above, which houses a Flame Lizal Blade inside with 25 Attack Damage. You’ll be right in the view of your goal, so this works out perfectly in the end.

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No matter which option you choose, the Shrine with the Ember Shirt is right in front of you. Either jump off of the platform and glide across the lava or start climbing the wall to get into this hole in the wall.

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Inside, you’ll get the Ember Shirt, the second piece to complete this set. We’re almost there, and it’s time to engage in the final treasure hunt for the Ember Trousers.

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Start at the Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower (1637, 1183, 0225) and set a pin at the above location (2603, 1313, 0150). You’ll know you’ve arrived at the right place when you see a large cave with an explorer taking a break outside of the entrance.

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You can try to enter the cave, but you’ll be stopped by the man outside, who tells you that they found it first, but they’re having no luck finding the treasure within. They mention you can feed the dog outside, and he will sniff out the treasure, but why would you do that when you’ve got us on your side?

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Enter the cave, and make your way through the small entrance at the bottom of the tunnel. Inside, you’ll find a bunch of different treasure chests, but only one of them has the Ember Trousers within them. Let’s see where it may be.

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Once you have arrived inside, make your way toward the back of the cave near (2579, 1420, 0135), and you’ll find yourself surrounded by chests. Grab the one that the arrow above is pointing to, and you’ll have secured the pants. You’ll know that you’re in the right spot if you see a few Brightbloom Seeds near the chest.

Screenshot: Prima Games

Once you have pulled the chest out of the ground, you’ll just need to walk up to it and press A next to it to open them, claiming the final piece of this set. With your new Ember Armor Set and its Hot Weather Attack bonus, you’ll be unstoppable when you’re exploring the hottest regions of the world around you.

Now that you’ve claimed another set of armor for your collection, find out where to get other fancy sets like the Dark Link or Miner Armor from our Tears of the Kingdom section below. We’ve found plenty of locations and stables for you and have located the Great Fairies once again to upgrade our collection to the max. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime with our help.

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