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Tears of the Kingdom – How to Get the Depths Armor Set in TOTK

Beyond the depths.

by Jesse Vitelli

If you’re like me, you’ve been spending all of your time exploring the depths far beneath the fields of Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom. This place is deadly, full of powerful enemies, and even more deadly red gloom. Stepping in the gloom will not only hurt you but prevent you from being able to recover your hearts back without visiting a Lightroot or going back to the surface. Luckily, the Depths armor set can mitigate much of this by offering some resistance. Here’s how to get the Depths armor set in Tears of The Kingdom.

How to Get the Gloom Resistant Depths Armor Set in Totk

First off, you’re going to have to explore a decent chunk of the depths and collect the Poes currency. These little blue flames can be found scattered throughout the Depths. Anytime you see blue flames, pick them up; you’ll need them to purchase the Depths Armor Set.

The Tunic of the Depths Location

The first piece of armor you’ll come across from this set is The Depths Tunic; this is found by talking to one of the Poe Bargainer Statues. It’s not found at a specific one; it’s based on the number you have found. The Depths Tunic is offered after finding the second statue. Luckily, you can talk to the Brethren Statue next to Josha at Lookout Landing, and this will count as your first one.

You can also pay this Statue 10 Poes to find the location of a second one. The second location it will provide is actually right near the initial Lightroot you spawn in at.

Head to the Nisoij Lightroot at the coordinates (0240, -0271, -0478) and then go southeast. Check the image below for the route to the second Bargainer Statue, where you can pick up the Depths Tunic for 150 Poes.

If at any point you are having trouble finding Bargainer Statues, check out our guide on the location of every single one of them.

The Gaiters of The Depths Location

Now, The Depths Gatiers are purchased by a Bargainer Statue, specifically the fourth one you’ve come across.

There is another Bargainer Statue Directly below the Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower on the east side of the map. We recommend going to it as it’s easier to reach than the others.

This statue can be found at the coordinates (3849, -1329, -0858).

You can purchase the Gaiters of the Depths for 200 Poes.

The Hood of The Depths Location

You’ll need to come across six Bargainer Statues to unlock access to the Hood of The Depths. We recommend looking at the all Bargainer locations guide linked above to find the best for you. Everyone will find different statue locations that are easier to get to based on how much of the depths you’ve explored.

We recommend heading to the Bargainer Statue in the Akkala Highlands, as it’s another easy one to get to. Just jump in the chasm directly east of the Akkala Highlands Tower, and then once in the Depths, head northwest.

Make it to the Akinatanis Lightroot near the Chasm, and then follow the map below. The Lightroot is at the coordinates (3840, 2300, -0487)

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Once you’ve found six Bargainer Statues, you can purchase the Hood of the Depths for 300 Poes.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get the Depths armor set in Tears of The Kingdom. It took me a while, but hopefully, this cuts down your time tremendously. Check out the best recipes for Gloom Resistance to help make your time in the Depths more bearable.

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