Starfield Marika Boros Companion Guide – How to Recruit & Skills

Find out how to add this adventurer to your Starfield squadron.

Venturing through the vast unknown on your own sounds slightly terrifying, so knowing how to get your hands on plenty of excellent crewmates in Starfield is a must. One of the first that you can recruit to join your cause is Marika Boros, who just so happens to be rather handy with weaponry. But what will you need to do to bring Marika onto your team, and what exactly does she excel in? Let’s dive into the world of Starfield to find out.

How To Recruit Marika Boros In Starfield

Marika was revealed during the Starfield Gameplay Deep Dive, which was released on June 11, 2023. Now that we’ve finally gotten Starfield in our hands, we know exactly where to go to add this member to our team.

Screenshot by Prima Games via Starfield Gameplay Deep Dive

You’ll find Marika inside The Viewport, which is located in the first hub city of New Atlantis. The Viewport is found on the Space Port portion of the map, so feel free to fast travel here if you’re looking to add her to your team quickly.

Speaking to her, she’ll be willing to join your crew for a price. If you’re confident in your Persuasion skills, however, you can get her to drop her cost by half. Once you have gotten her on your team, you can place her wherever you would like her to be and continue exploring the galaxy together.

Screenshot by Prima Games via Starfield Gameplay Deep Dive

Marika Boros Stats in Starfield

Every character has their own special abilities and skills that they bring to the table, and you’ll find Marika’s below:

  • Ballistics: Two-Star
  • Particle Beam Weapon Systems: One-Star
  • Shotgun Certification: One-Star

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While she may not be the most powerful ally to start, we can only assume that you can continue to grow her skills and make her into the ultimate space badass she’s meant to be. However, her knowledge of Ballistics and her Shotgun Certification may prove useful as you engage enemies in combat.

Can You Romance Marika Boros in Starfield?

While you may think she is beautiful, there is, unfortunately, no way to romance Marika at this time. She seems to just want to be a part of the team, with no options available to romance her. There may be a chance in the future, but it is up to Bethesda Softworks to add the option.

No matter if you want to keep her by your side for the whole adventure or if you’d prefer to keep her at the outpost, it seems that Marika is going to make the early-game combat encounters a little easier to swallow. Once you’ve made sure to clear enough hard drive space for Starfield, be sure to come back and check out our section below to learn even more about this exciting space epic.

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