How to Romance Sam Coe in Starfield

Sam Coe; Ranger, Father, Romantic Interest for All.

Starfield Sam Coe Companion
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Who doesn’t love the rough-and-tumble cowboy type? Sam Coe, a member of Constellation and former Freestar Ranger, is a loving father, spare-faring adventurer, a gun-wielding badass, and a romantic option in Starfield. But to successfully move past the friend zone, you’ll need to put in a bit of work. Here’s how to romance Sam Coe in Starfield.

Romancing Sam Coe in Starfield

Sam Coe, a former Freestar Ranger and cowboy, still retains the persona of a gun-wielding desperado from the Wild West. He’s probably the roughest Constellation member and companion, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s evil or violent. It’s quite the opposite. As a father and former Ranger, he’s more kindhearted than, say, Andreja.

Like romancing other companions, you’ll want to raise Sam Coe’s affinity through kind actions, persuasion, and flirting whenever possible. Eventually, you’ll end up with the romance dialogue choice before finally wholly committing to the relationship.

Sam Coe’s Likes and Dislikes

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  • As a father, Sam Coe loves when you respect his daughter, speak to her as a friend, and give her money for her growing book collection.
  • He’s a former Freestar Ranger who still deeply respects the organization, so show respect when dealing with Rangers or speaking about them.
  • As a morally good companion, Sam prefers when you help people without requesting payment or rewards.
  • If you ultimately decide to join the Freestar Rangers yourself, Sam will love that decision and show his affection in kind.
  • During “All That Money Can Buy,” choosing to send Musgrove to jail will win Sam over.
  • During “The Empty Nest,” persuading Shaw to stand down proves to Sam you’re kind and compassionate.

Through his romantic arc, you’ll have plenty of options to raise Sam’s affinity through good deeds, though doing so means foregoing quite the number of credits.

How to Flirt With Sam Coe

Like other companions in Starfield, you must occasionally flirt with Sam Coe to show him you’re interested in progressing the friendship into a relationship. For every opportunity that arises, select the “Flirt” dialogue choice.

To get there, however, you must assign him as your active companion following “The Empty Nest” and keep him with you whenever possible. A few quests require leaving him behind in favor of another companion but pick him right back up once those missions conclude.

As time progresses, you’ll want to ask Sam about his daughter and his personal thoughts on various situations and topics and lean into his good side by completing heartwarming deeds without expecting rewards.

Completing Matters of the Hart

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As you progress his affinity level, Sam Coe will eventually open up and provide you with his companion quest, “Matters of the Hart.” It’s a long quest that involves tracking down his ex-wife, Cora’s mother, and ending things amicably for the two. To romance Sam Coe in Starfield, you must complete this quest positively.

To complete Matters of the Hart, you need to:

  • Find Freestar Ranger Lillian Hart
  • Rescue Lillian
  • Take Out the Syndicate
  • Mediate Sam and Lillian’s Relationship

While much of the quest revolves around talking and traveling through space, you will wind up in a handful of gunfights. Despite your best intentions to bring her home, Lillian wants to eradicate The Syndicate on Andromas III. It’s a lengthy and often costly battle, requiring quite a bit of ammunition and aid items in the process, but necessary.

Once you’re done with the fight, Lilian and Sam will hash some things out, in which you can push them to reconcile their differences and end things amicably. Then, you’ll speed off to Akila City to speak with Sam Coe once more, where you’ll have a chance to become romantically involved.

Marrying Sam Coe

As you bolster your relationship with Sam, the option for commitment eventually pops up. Of course, you’ll want to choose the “Commitment” dialogue choice, which culminates in the marriage quest for Sam Coe.

He’ll plan everything, so fret not. Once you’re ready, follow the quest marker and marry Sam Coe in a small, intimate wedding scene that’s mostly dialogue. Congratulations!

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