How to Romance Barrett in Starfield

His charisma is known across the galaxy!

Starfield Barrett Constellation Companion
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Like most other Bethesda role-playing games, Starfield offers us the opportunity to live vicariously through our characters by experiencing a happy and satisfying relationship. Albeit, it’s a romantic relationship in space. With four romanceable companions—Sarah Morgan, Sam Coe, Barrett, and Andreja—you’ll have your pick amongst a group of well-written and often quirky characters. For now, let’s focus on how to romance Barrett in Starfield!

How to Romance Barrett

Barrett is the first member of Constellation we meet upon finishing our short tenure at Argos Extractors. He’s an odd individual, a little eccentric, and has a penchant for wisecracks. But beneath the comedic outer shell, Barrett is ultimately one of the most complex companions in the game.

He deeply misses his deceased husband and yet remains open to new experiences and relationships with the player character. If you put in the work, he’ll move on and reciprocate.

Barrett’s Likes and Dislikes

Like all other romanceable companions in Starfield, you can enter into a relationship with Barrett by raising his affinity for you. There is, unfortunately, no bar to check. You’ll know Barrett is opening up to you when the “Barrett liked that” pops up on the HUD.

To raise his affinity:

  • He loves jokes and enjoys it when you partake in a bit of banter.
  • He prefers light-hearted dialogue responses, avoiding conflict when possible and avoiding dishonest actions like pickpocketing or stealing.
  • Acts of kindness and refusing rewards go a long way with Barrett.
  • He deeply respects Constellation and loves it when you show your loyalty to the explorers.
  • As Barrett opens up emotionally, he’ll eventually discuss his deceased husband, Ervin, and inevitably ask you to help him investigate the man’s death. If you agree, you will unlock his companion quest to begin a romantic relationship.

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Breach of Contract Quest

Starfield Barrett at Constellation Lodge
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As Barrett’s affinity for you rises, he’ll eventually talk about Ervin and ask for a little help in solving the man’s murder. You should, of course, accept this request. But when Barrett talks about his deceased husband, tread lightly by selecting soft emotional dialogue choices. In time, the “Breach of Contract” quest will pop up, and you’ll work with Barrett to conduct a thorough investigation into the murder.

To complete this quest, expect to pay a few credits. You’ll also want to keep Barrett with you at all times to continue raising his affinity. You’ll travel to Gagarin in search of evidence to clear Ervin of any wrongdoing. It’s better to find all of the evidence instead of taking the short route of testifying with lackluster proof, though.

By the end of the quest, you’ll receive a ‘Romantic’ dialogue option, which you should choose.

Marrying Barrett in Starfield

In due time, as you continue to raise his affinity, Barrett will speak with you once more. Here, a new dialogue option, ‘Commitment’ appears. It’s the final step. Once you choose it, prepare for the last mission in his arc, “Commitment: Barrett.” Afterward, you’ll find yourself happily married to one of the coolest space explorers this side of Sol!

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