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How to Romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield

Everyone's favorite space explorer can be a great romance companion.

If you’ve played a few Bethesda games up to this point, then you’re well aware that romance can be a central part of the experience for a lot of people. At least with Fallout 4 and beyond, the ability to get into a romantic relationship with one of your allies and learn a lot about their backstory can be an enthralling experience. For some of you, you’re eyeing up Constellation’s lead player as a romance partner. Getting them to that point, though, will be a lengthy process. Here’s how to romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield.

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How Do You Start a Relationship With Sarah Morgan in Starfield

If you’re looking to get with the master of exploration, first of all, welcome to the club. Secondly, you’ll want to bring Sarah along with you for any missions you run once she’s a possible companion. You’re looking to raise her opinion of you, which means she needs to be present for many of the dialogue options. This includes all the side missions you do.

Sarah is an explorer with a good heart, so you can raise her likeness of you by expressing your interest in exploration-related dialogue. Science-related dialogue can work as well, provided you aren’t harming other people in the process. One example of this comes up in a debate between Matteo, Noel, and Andreja in the Lodge, where you’ll want to select the Science option over the Dreams option.

To the end of not harming others, you also want to select options that help those in need. This includes punishing those who deserve justice, though not overly punishing them. One example of this is during the main mission All That Money Can Buy, where you’re getting an Artifact a mercenary stole. You’re given the option to spare him, send him to prison, or kill him. Sending him to prison will increase Sarah’s likeness of you.

One final note is a bit of a spoiler for the High Price to Pay main mission, so feel free to skip to the next section if you have yet to reach it. During the mission, you’ll be presented with the option of either staying at the Lodge or going to the Eye. If you want the romance to continue, it is necessary that you go to the Eye.

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Conversations With Sarah Morgan in Starfield

Starfield Sona
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As you improve Sarah’s likeness of you, you’ll have multiple options to chat with her about various topics. At the end of many of these conversations, you can choose to Flirt with her to improve your ability to romance her. You should snag just about every one of these opportunities, though she will find it rather distasteful if you choose the Flirt option during the Starborn conversation with her. Otherwise, as we’ve tested, Flirting any other time is fine.

During your chats with Sarah, you’ll come to learn that she was once part of the UC Navy and commanded a ship. However, one of the battles during a previous war led to her continuing to fight the enemy and losing the ship in the process. She and her colleagues crash-landed on the planet, but for the year she was there, she never established contact with those crew members. She believes them to be dead and blames herself for staying in battle rather than retreating.

Eventually, she’ll ask that you join her and complete her In Memoriam mission, where you return to the planet she crash-landed at and pay your respects. During the course of the mission, you’ll learn that the rest of the crew hadn’t actually died and was living on the planet for some time. Two of them even had a daughter, Sona, who is still alive and alone. You’ll be presented with an option to either let her stay on the planet or have her come with you. You want to convince her to come with you, as it’ll improve Sarah’s likeness of you.

Becoming Sarah Morgan’s Romance Partner and Beyond

If all goes well and you’ve chosen the right dialogue options, along with increasing her likeness of you whenever possible, you’ll eventually be invited to the Waterfall Promenade in New Atlantis with her. There, you’ll be presented with the option to either continue your Friendship or Romance her. If you’re this far into this guide, you don’t need me to tell you which one you should pick.

However, that’s not where Romance stops in Starfield. As you increase your likeness with her, she’ll eventually tell you she wants to get married, which will slowly be prepared before finally commencing at Paradiso, on the planet Porrima II. How you want to go about the ceremony is up to you, but I suggest inviting her mom to the wedding. She’s also the only person you can invite along, so you may as well.

There, you’ll both exchange vows before Aja, the previous leader of Constellation who’s officiating the wedding, declares you both married. At this wedding, Sarah will give you a commitment gift of her genetag from her time at the UC. A sign of who she used to be and how you helped her work through her guilt of her time with the military. Hope you enjoy the rest of your time with her!

If you’re working your way through more of the game’s missions, check out our guide on how to find the Scorpion’s Sting on Hyla II in Starfield.

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