How to Find the Scorpion’s Sting in Starfield

These giant scorpion bugs are my new best friends

The Artifacts have always been mysterious. But with the arrival of the Starborn, things have gotten significantly stranger and more urgent. To that end, we’ve chased a riddle into the far reaches of space, onto the planet Hyla, where we’ve encountered a strange altar. Here’s how to find the Scorpion Sting on Hyla-II in Starfield.

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Starfield: How to Solve the Scorpion Sting Puzzle on Hyla-II (Unity)

By talking to the major religious factions in New Atlantis during the Unity main quest, we’ve discovered the coordinates of a planet… which led us to Pilgrim’s Rest. Which led us to a new planet. Which led us to an altar, where we must find where the “Scorpion Sting” is.

Fortunately, the answer is pretty easy.

You’ll note that there’s a glowing floating glyph in front of the altar and a beam of light that falls onto the floor. If you step onto the floor where the light is, a constellation of Scorpius will appear.

Once you’ve identified the constellation, return to the glyph. You’ll notice that it has four round protrusions, one in each of the cardinal directions.

Screenshot by Prima Games

By activating a segment, you can cause the beam of light to move. So, for example, by activating the left part of the glyph, the beam of light will move left.

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You just need to move the beam of light so that it falls on the “tail” of the Scorpius constellation.

Screenshots by Prima Games

Once you do so, a glowing orb will appear, revealing your next destination: Obrum Prime.

That being said, Hyla II is actually one of my favorite planets in the galaxies. It has quite a few interesting fauna and flora, plenty of resources, and some stat-boosting magazines you don’t want to miss. It’s worth looking around before you go zipping off again.

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