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Overwatch 2 Season 1 Hero Tier List: Best Heroes in Overwatch 2 (December 2022)

Current state of the meta.

by Nikola L

Many Overwatch 2 players are flocking to Competitive mode and wondering what the current meta in Overwatch 2 Season 1 is and what the best heroes are in OW2 right now. Prima Games has gone far and beyond to research what’s happening on the battlefield and has compiled a tier list.

Overwatch 2 Season 1 Ranked and Competitive Hero Tier List: Best Hero List in OW2

For ease of access, we have made a comprehensive visual list of Overwatch 2 heroes, sorted into five different tiers. Within each tier, characters are sorted alphabetically, and we’ll offer some explanations as to why they are in a certain tier below. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

S Tier Heroes in Overwatch 2 Season 1

The best of the best in Overwatch 2. They either define the meta or serve as a great counter to it.

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An absurdly powerful tank. Has insane mobility, Defense Matrix is blatantly overpowered, and her guns deal formidable damage. D.Va’s Ultimate is crazy as hell, too! She received some adjustments but that doesn’t bother her much.


Has great mobility, but is difficult to play properly. When you master him, you will be annoying enemies like nobody’s business. He’s a decent counter to a LOT of heroes and this earns him an almost permanent subscription to S Tier membership in our eyes.

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Kiriko is kind of hard to play, but when you get the hang of her, you will truly frustrate the opposition. Her basic attacks are indeed hard to hit consistently, but the remainder of her kit is insanely good.


A crazy support hero. Very annoying to deal with, buffs everyone around him, and is very jumpy and mobile, hard to catch, supports his team great, etc…


There were second thoughts about putting Orisa up in the S Tier, though we’d definitely put her towards the lower end of the tier. Orisa is changed in Overwatch 2 but her new Kit doesn’t lack anything specifically. Orisa is a beast, with decent damage, decent tankiness, and great abilities.

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A great assassin to use as a counter to many damage dealers that operate from the back of the battlefield. His teleport is a great relocation ability that you can use covertly in most cases. Also, Reaper is a brilliant tool to pulverize tanks. We think that Reaper has a safe subscription for S Tier unless he gets a significant nerf.


A very resilient tank with an absurd self-heal, a hook that is a death sentence to any squishy hero it lands on (especially when you throw people off the map), and a decent shotgun. His ult can also knock the other team off the objective.


Sojourn is absurd right now, not only in mobility but with their Railgun dealing a wild amount of damage that can instagib opponents. We see many players complaining about Sojourn and demanding nerfs. Until a nerf happens, Sojourn is safe in S Tier. If you have a decent aim and practice a lot, you will bring a lot of victories to your team.

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A large tank with a giant dome shield and a big leap for mobility, and has proven himself highly valuable in most situations.

A Tier Heroes in Overwatch 2 Season 1

These heroes are really good, but some of them are quite situational. If you’re decent with them, you’ll definitely make a difference on the battlefield.


Has a well-balanced kit, with great power, great utility, and decent healing. You can’t go wrong by choosing Ana if you know to play her well. If you land the Sleeping Dart on a key team member and nobody wakes them up, you’ve already done a lot for the team fight. Hell, even if you use the Dart to interrupt a channeled Ultimate ability, it’s enough.

In addition to that, you can use your grenade to provide heals for your team, and healing debuffs for the enemy team. Hitscan sniping can also be very useful.


A decent hitscan hero. Her Ultimate technically adds a sixth player to your team temporarily, which is not a thing to overlook.


Basically Soldier 76 but better. Deserves the top of the A Tier all the way.


A mystic hero with a lot of cool tank abilities. He is great if you can play him well and he’s probably near the bottom of A Tier.


A brilliant counter to all annoying heroes that break the speed limit since his Turret has a hitscan firing mode and aims better than Widowmaker! However, that’s all it is right now.


Tracer almost made it to S Tier. After watching a few professional esports or streamers play Tracer, you might feel that she should be there. She has a really high ceiling when it comes to the skill cap, and her kit makes her a great “hit and run” specialist like Sombra. Arguably, we could move her to S Tier at some point in time.

B Tier Heroes in Overwatch 2 Season 1

When it comes to video games, just being “OK” or “decent” means that you are subpar, because some overpowered, broken, or more powerful entities exist. The B Tier heroes in Overwatch 2 are good, but they lack just that little something to be better positioned.


Another flyer like Pharah with a “meh” kit compared to the above tiers, but in the right hands, it can wreak havoc. It’s also important to note that you must know how to play the most relevant heroes in the game due to Echo’s Ultimate.


A great healer, with an insane escape/chase ability, a decent amount of damage, and a crazy Ultimate. However, D.Va exists and is hungry for those glowy orbs. And you will be playing against D.Va a lot.

Soldier: 76

Took a nerf to damage, and basically got surpassed by Sojourn and Baptiste. Has great healing though.


Sombra is one of the best counter-picks in the game. She can hack health packs and enemy heroes, can strike from anywhere, has a decent damage output, and is a menace to deal with. As soon as you catch her, she teleports back home unscathed, only to give you a feeling of safety for just a couple of seconds until she strikes again. She was S Tier, but the nerf bat came her way and digged her out of her invisibility, so she is no longer busted.


Got too overpowered and Blizzard slightly nerfed her. However, she is still a very formidable opponent.

C Tier Heroes in Overwatch 2 Season 1

These heroes are just average at the moment. Sure, they have some things going for them but are pretty subpar compared to the above tiers.


Half-tank half-support, quite fun to play with, great shield bash ability. Half-good.


Cassidy lost his Flashbang which was a decent Crowd Control ability, but he got more damage in this trade. His revolver can kill a lot of enemies quickly, but that’s all he has. His Ultimate is difficult to deploy (hard to keep everyone in sight, people will hide or run, or DPS Cassidy down) and there are far better hitscan solutions than him.


Hanzo is cool for the memes, to get those arrow headshots from time to time, but other than that, he has become very unreliable in most players’ hands. The Ultimate is insanely good at some choke points, but is it worth waiting for it?

Junker Queen

Cool kit, but she’s halfway there.

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Also has a cool kit and has his purposes as a counter to some heroes in the game, alongside a crazy Ultimate, but he has very, very niche applications.


Mei’s wall can be bypassed easily unless it’s well-placed in a choke point, her weapon damage is really more than okay but is hard to apply to enemies due to obvious limitations, and indeed her Ice Block ability can save you when you are in a pinch but doesn’t bring much to the table overall.


Mercy is not bad per-se. She’s a great single-target buff/heal support unit. But, in a meta of 5v5, is it worth having Mercy tethered to one of your DPS players? She’s still fun to play with Echo and Pharah, but hitscan heroes knock them out of the sky fairly easily.


Same as above. Pharah seems to have fallen victim to time. Too slow in the air, it takes good timing and precision to land those rockets…


The faster meta with more high-mobility heroes we are in keeps pushing Reinhardt down the tier list. He has his purposes in certain setups but you might be better off with Winston. Since most setups run one tank now, you can’t just afford to sit around with your shield open, doing nothing else. He is highly situational and keeps dropping off in this tier list.


Niche usage is possible for Widowmaker, to pick off unsuspecting enemies with headshots on certain maps, but that’s all there is. You can’t really play a static hero in a fast-paced FPS game.

Wrecking Ball

Let’s face it, Wrecking Ball evaded the F Tier due to cuteness overload (and the cool ability that stomps the ground from above). It’s very, VERY difficult to play Wrecking Ball at a high level.


Good ol’ Zen has a great Ultimate that can make or break a team fight and can charge up the basic attack to instagib someone, but that’s about it.

F Tier Heroes in Overwatch 2 Season 1

Either easily countable or just lackluster.


Remember when we said that Bastion’s bug abuse should stay permanent because it actually makes Bastion playable? Hate to break it to everyone, but that wasn’t a joke. Bastion is in a bad place right now. Bastion lost his self-heal option and got a cool grenade, but can no longer stay rooted as a minigun forever. Instead, he can now temporarily become a mobile minigun. The problem with Bastion is that it can be countered very fast and effectively by literally everyone in the top tiers. Players recognize Bastion as a threat and focus on them upon seeing it. It’s fairly simple. It got temporarily banned due to his bug abuse but upon return, he didn’t get any improvements. We hope that this will change. The team can afford to do nothing and wait until Bastion charges the Ultimate, and even that Ultimate’s impact is sometimes questionable.

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Doomfist is also kind of lost, searching for himself in the tank role assigned to him. Very predictable and counterable by any mobile hero. This is still the case, and we really would like to see him updated in Season 2, because this is not fair at all.


Those small turrets are easy to deal with and are not as pesky as they were back in the day.

Thank you for staying until the end of this tier list. We hope for some balance of overpowered heroes and some justice for the weaker ones.