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Best Controller Settings for Overwatch 2: Settings Guide

A well-tuned controller is half the battle!

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Best Controller Settings for Overwatch 2 Settings Guide

You can’t play without a mouse and a keyboard! Well… actually, you can. Some players simply prefer a gamepad even when it comes to competitive FPS games such as the recently released Overwatch 2. If you play on consoles or use a gamepad on a PC, the difference between default settings and fine-tuned controller settings is huge. Follow our guide for Best Controller Settings for Overwatch 2 and see for yourself.

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Best Controller Settings for Overwatch 2: Settings Guide

Of course, every player has their own preferences, but the settings we recommend below will definitely give you an idea of how to perfect your controller input in a game like Overwatch 2.

Best Controller Sensitivity Settings for Overwatch 2

Sensitivity is very important because it regulates how fast you will move the crosshair using the analog stick, set it like this and give it a try:

  • Horizontal Sensitivity – 42
  • Vertical Sensitivity – 42

Best Aim Assist Controller Settings for Overwatch 2

There’s no shame in using aim-assist when playing with a controller, I mean it’s not like you’re pointing and clicking on enemies. So if you are going to use it, make the most out of it with the following settings:

  • Aim Assist Strength – 96
  • Aim Assist Window Size – 70
  • Aim Assist Legacy Mode – Off
  • Aim Assist Ease In – 20
  • Aim Smoothing – 0
  • Aim Ease In – 20

How to Set Other Settings for Controller in Overwatch 2

Various other controller settings should be set as follows:

  • Invert Vertical Look – Off
  • Invert Horizontal Look – Off
  • Vibration – Off
  • Switch Movement and Look Sticks – Off
  • Legacy Sticks – Off
  • Aim Technique – Linear Ramp

If you’re wondering why we suggest turning off vibration, it’s because even the slightest vibration in the controller can affect accuracy. The effect is good when playing single-player games or PvE mode in Overwatch, but for competitive play, it’s still better to have maximum stability in your hands.

That would be our suggestions for the best controller settings for Overwatch 2. Set it up like we pointed out or make some modifications to make it best suit your playstyle. Have fun and show those mouse and keyboard warriors that you can be competitive too!

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