Overwatch 2: All Rewards on the Season 1 Battle Pass

They really put pineapple on pizza.

Blizzard’s wildly popular hero-shooter, Overwatch, just received its long-awaited sequel on October 4. Though more like a relaunch of Overwatch 1 rather than a completely new game, Overwatch 2 introduces new characters, maps, game modes, balancing changes, and best of all – the elimination of loot boxes and the introduction of seasonal Battle Passes. With Overwatch 2 switching to a free-to-play model, Blizzard has worked to revamp its approach to monetization and opted for live-service updates and a revolving in-game cash shop in lieu of the virtual mystery boxes of the past. With 80 tiers to unlock, you’ll have a lot to grind for the Season One premiere. Take a look below to see all rewards available on the Season 1 Battle Pass in Overwatch 2.

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All Rewards on the Season 1 Battle Pass in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2’s Season One Battle Pass begins at the game’s launch on October 4, 2022 and lasts for 63 days. You’ll have just over two months to grind for all 80 rewards before the next season begins. Here’s the full list of what you can expect:

Tiers 1 – 10

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  • 1) – Kiriko (Hero) / EDM (D.Va Legendary Skin) / Cybermari (Epic Weapon Charm) / +20% XP All Season
  • 2)Cybermari (Player Icon)
  • 3)Sky Centurion (Name Card)
  • 4)“You Can Be Improved” (Moira Voice Line)
  • 5)Cookies (Reaper Emote)
  • 6)Fist Bump (Mei Victory Pose)
  • 7)Salute (Spray)
  • 8)Mechanical Brain (Souvernir)
  • 9)“Stand Up” (Lucio Voice Line)
  • 10)Tactical (Winston Epic Skin)

Tiers 11 – 20

Screenshot by Prima Games
  • 11)Holo Sakura (Player Icon)
  • 12)Sakura (Name Card)
  • 13)Locked and Loaded (Soldier: 76 Highlight Intro)
  • 14)Only You (Spray)
  • 15)Origami Crane (Weapon Charm)
  • 16)Evaluate (Sojourn Victory Pose)
  • 17)DJ D.Va (Spray)
  • 18)Great Waves (Name Card)
  • 19)“Exist” (Zenyatta Voice Line)
  • 20)Hinotori (Kiriko Legendary Skin)

Tiers 21 – 30

Screenshot by Prima Games
  • 21)EDM (Player Icon)
  • 22)Dogtag (Spray)
  • 23)Pineapple Pizza (Souvenir)
  • 24)Translocator (Sombra Victory Pose)
  • 25)“On My Bike” (Kiriko Voice Line)
  • 26)Rabòday (Baptiste Emote)
  • 27)Lion Slayer (Spray)
  • 28)Mitzi And Friends (Name Card)
  • 29)“A Long Way Down” (Hanzo Voice Line)
  • 30)Commando (Sojourn Legendary Skin)

Tiers 31 – 40

Screenshot by Prima Games
  • 31)Commando (Player Icon)
  • 32)Sky Centurion (Spray)
  • 33)Nailed It (Tracer Highlight Intro)
  • 34)“Neck Of The Woods” (Cassidy Voice Line)
  • 35)Tokki Keyring (Weapon Charm)
  • 36)Noble (Brigitte Victory Pose)
  • 37)Cyber Phoenix (Spray)
  • 38)Omnicode (Name Card)
  • 39) – “It’s All Connected” (Sojourn Voice Line)
  • 40) – Beast Hunter (Junker Queen Epic Skin)

Tiers 41 – 50

Screenshot by Prima Games
  • 41)Kumihimo (Player Icon)
  • 42)Puzzle Cube (Souvenir)
  • 43)Rise N’ Shine (Spray)
  • 44)Ponder (Moira Victory Pose)
  • 45)“High Tech, Low Tech…” (Ana Voice Line)
  • 46)Sipping (Junkrat Emote)
  • 47)Crows (Spray)
  • 48)Hinotori (Player Icon)
  • 49)“Parts And Whole” (Sigma Voice Line)
  • 50)Miko (Mercy Legendary Skin)

Tiers 51 – 60

Screenshot by Prima Games
  • 51)Arcade (Spray)
  • 52)EDM Tokki (Player Icon)
  • 53)Incoming! (D.Va Highlight Intro)
  • 54)“Upgrades” (Sojourn Voice Line)
  • 55)Kiriko (Hero) / Kitsune (Epic Weapon Charm)
  • 56)Just Breathe (Spray)
  • 57)Cyber Demon (Name Card)
  • 58)“The Dragon And I Are One” (Genji Voice Line)
  • 59)Hologram (Roadhog Victory Pose)
  • 60)Sky Centurion (Pharah Legendary Skin)

Tiers 61 – 70

Screenshot by Prima Games
  • 61)Brain (Player Icon)
  • 62)“Run With Blades” (Kiriko Voice Line)
  • 63)Rainbow Pool (Name Card)
  • 64)Itadakimasu (Hanzo Emote)
  • 65)Commando (Spray)
  • 66)Poised (Echo Victory Pose)
  • 67)“I Do Love Neon” (Junker Queen Voice Line)
  • 68)Folded Crane (Souvenir)
  • 69)Kitsune (Player Icon)
  • 70)Forest Ranger (Cassidy Epic Skin)

Tiers 71 – 80

Screenshot by Prima Games
  • 71)Crime Boss (Spray)
  • 72)Forest Ranger (Player Icon)
  • 73)“I Do Not Cower” (Orisa Voice Line)
  • 74)Robo Thumb (Souvenir)
  • 75)Cyberdemon Mask (Weapon Charm)
  • 76)Old Soldiers (Spray)
  • 77)Crowned (Junker Queen Victory Pose)
  • 78)Do Something (Ashe Highlight Intro)
  • 79)Synthwave (Name Card)
  • 80)Cyber Demon (Genji Mythic Skin) / Cyber Demon (Player Icon) / Demonic Deflection (Spray)

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There you have it – all rewards available in Overwatch 2’s Season One Battle Pass. Earn XP by playing matches and completing challenges to collect all 80 tiers and grab yourself Overwatch’s very first Mythic Skin for Genji.

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