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Octopath Traveler 2 – All Side Stories Guide

These NPCs have a lot of problems. Fortunately, we have a lot of time.

Octopath Traveler 2 is absolutely lush with NPCs, and so many of them have problems that it seems only you can solve. Unfortunately, many of the solutions to those problems border on vague, so save yourself some time; here’s a guide to all side quests in Octopath Traveler 2.

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Octopath Traveler 2 Side Quests: All Side Stories Guide

Side Stories in Octopath Traveler 2 are optional side quests that you can pick up as you talk to various NPCs all throughout Solistia. Sometimes they’ll have you traveling all over the world, exploring dungeons, gathering items, or defeating specific enemies; others may have you follow specific paths.

Below, we’ve listed out all side quests you can come across in Octopath Traveler 2, side quest locations and their quest givers, how to complete each side quest, and side quest rewards. Because there are so many side quests in Octopath Traveler 2, we’ve broken everything up into sections.


You can view your side quests in Octopath Traveler 2 at any time by heading to the Journal under the main menu. Within the Journal, you can view story progression, or use the R button to tab over to side quests where you can check which side quests have been completed and which haven’t, along with the original side quest dialogue from the quest giver.

All Harborlands Side Stories in Octopath Traveler 2

Quest NameLocationQuest GiverHow to CompleteReward
Waiting All Day and Night     CanalbrineWaiting YouthRecruit the quest giver with Guide or Hire, then change the time to night. Speak to the person now sitting in the chair.3000 Leaves, Magic Nut, Empowering Lychee
Traveler’s Lost and Found  CanalbrineYoung TravelerReceive Bottle of White Powder from the Ferry Staff at Beasting Bay: Anchorage in Toto’haha and give to quest giver.4000 Leaves, Critical Nut (M)
Lighthouse RestorationCanalbrineTown Lighthouse KeeperObtain Aeimorite Reflector from the Lighthouse Keeper in Winterlands and return to quest giver. You’ll need a ship to get to light house.12000 Leaves, Lighthouse Keeper’s Bandana, Tough Nut (L)
The Fish FilcherConning Creek  Head FishermanSwitch to night time and wait for 2 minutes until the thief appears. Afterwards, knock him unconscious.6000 Leaves, Fortifying Nut (M)
A Young Girl’s WishConning CreekApathetic GirlScrutinize the Cleric Novelist in the Cleric Guild at Borderfall, obtain Deluxe Crepe from Crepe Maker in New Delsta, then bring Roland to Timberain.15000 Leaves, Vest of Joy, Revitalizing Jam
Goading the GrapesWestern Conning Creek Coast       Grape FarmerGlean information from the Grape Expert inside the Tavern in Cropdale, Leaflands, then return to quest giver.10000 Leaves, Nourishing Nut
Lady Clarissa’s Next Chapter    Conning Creek  Lady ClarrisaBring Lady Clarissa to Beastling Village. Unlock by completing Osvald’s path.9000 Leaves, Well-Worn Pole
Floyd and Thurston’s Next ChapterRoque IslandThurstonKnock Floyd unconscious. Unlock by completing Partitio’s path.12000 Leaves, Floyd’s Neo Bow

All Brightlands Side Stories in Octopath Traveler 2

Quest NameLocationQuest GiverHow to CompleteReward
A Gambling ManNew DelstaConcerned WifeScrutinize the Dealer in New Delsta: Game Parlor and return to the quest giver.Victory Ring, Energizing Pomegranate
A Devilishly Delicious DishNew DelstaTavern CookReceive Special Bait from the Elderly Fishing Enthusiast in Sunken Maw, defeat the boss lurking in the waters, obtain Delsta Devil, and return to quest giver.5000 Leaves, Chef’s Ladle, Master Rod
Utterly Exhausted!New DelstaExhausted ManGive Slumber Sage to the Aggravated Woman behind the tree northeast of the quest giver.6000 Leaves, Dragon’s Scarf
The Bourgeois BoyNew DelstaWealthy BoyGive the Wealthy Boy Healing Grape and an Inspiriting Plum. Fast Travel to Canalbrine, Harborlands and recruit the Wealthy Boy’s Father inside the church and return to the quest giver.9000 Leaves, Sharp Nut (M)      
For Whom the Clock Tower TollsClockbankClock Tower TechnicianHire the quest giver then go to the tavern. South of the tavern is a staircase. Descend then enter clocktower. Defeat the boss.10000 Leaves, Invigorating Nut (L)
My Beloved CatharineClockbankHaggard ManBring quest giver north of his location, towards the Lonesome Cat also known as Catharine.12000 Leaves, Cait Powder
A Genius InventorEastern New Delsta HighroadArkarBring materials listed in his display cases.Mechanical Top Hat
Descended from RoyaltyClockbankRoyal DescendantScrutinize the Historian in Montwise then return to the quest giver.6000 Leaves, Resistant Nut (M)
Veronica’s Next ChapterNew DelstaVeronicaScrutinize Platt’s Wife in Sai, then return to quest giver. Unlock by completing Agnea’s path.12000 Leaves, Bodyguard’s Vantage      

All Winterlands Side Stories in Octopath Traveler 2

Quest NameLocationQuest GiverHow to CompleteReward
The Baby’s ComingCape ColdFlustered VillagerBring the Midwife located at the Inn from Flamechurch, Crestlands to the quest giver.3000 Leaves, Nourishing Nut    
The Washed-Up Letter   Lighthouse IslandLighthouse Keeper’s WifeBring the quest giver’s letter to Ruby in Timberain, between the bridge and the courthouse.6600 Leaves, Jade Dagger      
Ruffians’ RedoubtEastern Cape Cold SnowsPeddlerDefeat the Ruffian Leader and his lackeys at the Ruffians’ Hideout. 6000 Leaves, Peddler’s Feathered Cap
A Present for My SonWinterbloomThoughtful FatherObtain Silver Quill from Retired Scholar in Cape Cold, Winterlands and return to quest giver.300 Leaves, Magic Nut (M), Refreshing Jam
The Sword in the StoneWinterbloomTroubled WomanObtain Sturdy Pickaxe from a townsperson inside the Oresrush Weapon Shop and return to quest giver.7000 Leaves, Rusty Sword, Revitalizing Jam
A Disquieting ShopStormhail Shopkeeper’s Daughter Knock the Clingy Woman next to the Shopkeeper unconscious.12000 Leaves, Sharp Nut (L), Slippery Nut (L)
Lingering LoveStormhailDismal WomanObtain Treasured Necklace from quest giver, then give to Eugis in Merry Hills, or bring Eugis to the quest giver. Either options will complete the Side Story, but will play out differently.14000 Leaves, Alluring Ribbon
Melia’s Next ChapterWinterbloomMelia Obtain letter from Plukk in Thieves’ Quarter and return to quest giver. Unlock by completing Castti’s path.9000 Leaves, Melia’s Amulet

All Wildlands Side Stories in Octopath Traveler 2

Quest NameLocationQuest GiverHow to CompleteReward
Wanted: A Good Joke OresrushJoeScrutinize Nikki, Harry, and Ned, all of which are found in Oresrush, then return to quest giver.3500 Leaves, Invigorating Nut
Stolen GoodsOresrushPeddlerKnock the Merchant found in Oresrush: Foundry unconscious. 3000 Leaves, Light Nut, Healing Grape (M)
Reaching for the Stars GravellAmbitious Youth Knock the Stubborn Villagers loitering in the village out so the youth can make her escape. 15000 Leaves, Gaudy Hat
In Search of the Divine WeaponsGravellRetired BlacksmithBring all 6 Rusty Weapons to the Blacksmith.Armsmaster Job unlocked after bringing one Rusty Weapon.
The Cave MonsterUnfinished TunnelForeman Unlock by knocking the Guard blocking the Unfinished Tunnel’s entrance. Defeat boss found in the Unfinished Tunnel.5000 Leaves, Resistant Nut (L)
The Missing GirlGravellWorried MotherLocate Ivory Ravine within West Gravell Wilds and defeat the monster at the bottom of the dungeon. Afterwards, bring the Missing Girl back to the quest giver.15000 Leaves, Sister’s Amulet
Alpione’s Next ChapterGravellAlpioneGlean information from Merchant at Western Gravell Wilds and return to quest giver. Unlock by completing Ochette’s path.10000 Leaves, Alpione’s Amulet

All Leaflands Side Stories in Octopath Traveler 2

Quest NameLocationQuest GiverHow to completeReward
Crop Revival CropdaleWeaverScrutinize the Elderly Woman’s Son, found in the house with a water mill beside it. Return to the quest giver.3000 Leaves, Invigorating Nut, Inspiriting Plum (M)
The Soused NoblemanCropdaleTavern AssistantKnock the nearby Drunk Aristocrat unconscious. 4000 Leaves, Prosperity Charm
Through a Child’s EyesWellgroveBrooding Girl Bring the Girl’s Stepfather (outside of the Dancer’s Guild) and her Mother (between the Tavern and Inn) to the girl at the same time.5000 Leaves, Charm of Compassion
Useless FruitWellgroveConsiderate YouthScrutinize Villager in Cropdale and return to quest giver. 6000 Leaves, Beastly Scarf
Mira and the Elderly Guard’s Next ChapterWellgroveElderly Guard Bring the Elderly Guard to the gondola east of Lostseed. Unlock by finishing Throne’s Path.   9000 Leaves, Vengeful Knife
Proof of InnocenceTimberainMeylan Bring Sickly Woman by the bridge of Timberain to Meylan11000 Leaves, Nourishing Nut (L), Olive of Life (M)
A Forced HandTimberainTiffany Bring Margello (in Montwise Library) to Tiffany or vice versa.15000 Leaves, Mental Belt
Misha’s Next ChapterWellgroveMishaCoerce Strolling Townsperson in Wellgrove at night. During the day scrutinize the Eager Townsperson in front of the Dept. Store. Return to Misha.15000 Leaves, Butler’s Tailcoat
Proof of JusticeTimberainSpectatorMust complete Proof of Guilt. Scrutinize the Clerk, then the Court Reporter. Go to South Timberrain Trail, go North to rainbow and waterfall. Find the hidden item. Go to New Delsta: Backstreets. Scrutnize the Dour Elderly Woman. Return to Spectator.30,000 leaves, Fortifying Nut (L), Magic Nut (L)
Proof of GuiltTimberainMeylanYou must first complete Proof of Innocence. Speak to Meylan at night. Scrutinize Remorseful Old Man outside of the tavern. Get sword at the left of the inn. Return to Meylan at night.12,000 leaves and a Critical Nut (L)

All Crestlands Side Stories in Octopath Traveler 2

Quest NameLocationQuest GiverHow to CompleteReward
Pilgrim ProtectionFlamechurchElderReceive 3 Sacred Flame Candles from the Pilgrim inside the church, the Pilgrim by the church entrance, and the Pilgrim next to the save point under the church and return to quest giver.5000 Leaves, Fortifying Nut, Tough Nut
Cathedral Window RepairFlamechurch CathedralClericGive the quest giver one large Fire, Ice, Thunder, and Wind Soultone and return to quest giver.8000 Leaves, Psychic Staff
Will Research for MoneyMontwiseOctopus ResearcherBring the Octopus Enthusiast inside the Tavern of Conning Creek, Harborlands to the quest giver. Octopuff Pot
Procuring Peculiar TomesMontwiseUnusual Tome SpecialistFrom the Far Reaches of Hell: in building behind Scholar in Crackridge.
Dispatches from Beastling Village: On Foreign Traveler in Toto’haha
The Curious Legend of the Great Wall: On Archeologist in Southern Stormhail Snows
6500 Leaves, Librarian’s Amulet, Refreshing Jam        
Tourney ChampionMontwiseWorried WomanKnock out the Fainthearted Youth inside the arena and battle in his stead.2000 Leaves, Reinforcing Jam
A Mysterious BoxMerry HillsYoung CollectorTake the quest giver’s Mysterious Box and bring it to the Woman in the Ruins in House Wellows Manor.6666 Leaves, Reaper’s Sickle
Ort’s Next ChapterFlamechurch CathedralOrtFollow Ort northeast of Flamechurch to trigger a cutscene. Afterwards, knock out the guard blocking the entrance. Head down the Cathedral Cellar and follow the objective marker in the map and prepare for battle Must complete Temenos’ Storyline.10000 Leaves, Sword of Oaths
Laila’s Next ChapterMerry HillsLailaAfter obtaining the quest go right and knock out the Judge in the top hat.10,000 leaves, Laila’s Amulet
From the Far Reaches of HellMontwiseAIScrutinize Georges in Nameless Isle, then return to quest giver. Must complete Procuring Peculiar Tomes Side Story first.4500 Leaves, Coat of Arms

All Hinoeuma Side Stories in Octopath Traveler 2

Quest NameLocationQuest GiverHow to CompleteReward
Sword Hunter in the Decaying TempleSaiYoung WarriorDefeat the thief at the Decaying Temple in the Eastern Sai Sands. Must come in alone.12000 Leaves, Refreshing Jam
Plans from a Ruined NationSaiMaster CarpenterObtain Fort Orochi Plans from the Former Carpenter inside the Tavern of Canalbrine. Return to quest giver. 6500 Leaves, Tough Nut (M), Access to chest containing Refined Sword
The Treasures of KuKuTreasurer Obtain Dragon Vase from Suspicious Peddler in Canalbrine and Phoenix Fan from Suspicious Man in Crackridge Harbor Anchorage. Unlock by completing Hikari’s path.15000 Leaves, Staff of Carnage
The StrongestKu Childhood Friend Defeat the two men next to the quest giver via Provoke or Challenge. Unlock by completing Hikari’s path.10000 Leaves, Shield of Strength, Spear of Strength
The RunawaysKuHorse Lender Bring the Ranch Owner from Oresrush to the quest giver. Unlock by completing Hikari’s path.20000 Leaves, Light Nut (M)
Mikka’s Next ChapterKuMikka Go to Agnea’s house in Cropdale, then bring Mikka to Ku. Afterwards, obtain Mikka’s Earrings from a Bandit. Unlock by completing Hikari’s path.10000 Leaves, Mikka’s Amulet
A Tower of TrialsKuGuide Defeat the five bosses in the Five-Tiered Tower. Unlock by completing Hikari’s path.20000 Leaves, Conjurer’s Raiment, Proof of the Conjurer

All Toto’haha Side Stories in Octopath Traveler 2

Quest NameLocationQuest GiverHow to CompleteReward
Culinary CunningBeasting VillageCooking EnthusiastScrutinize the Street Vendor in Tropu’hopu: Floating Theatre and return to quest giver.3000 Leaves, Gluttonous Glaive
Building BridgesBeasting VillageHuman BoyReceive Amulet of Affection from Beastling Girl west of the quest giver’s location.Critical Nut, Resistant Nut
Shirlutto’s Next ChapterNameless VillageShirluttoGo to Crestlands, Montwise. Purchase or steal the Merchant’s History book (near entrance). Go to Sai. Purchase the Merchant’s Lute (near inn). Go to Flamechurch. Purchase the Cleric near the church’s Paper Play (near church).10,000 Leaves, Befuddling Greatbow
Ghormf!Nameless VillageBeastlingBring quest giver to the northwest exit of Beastling Village where another Beastling can be found speaking the same language.10000 Leaves, Stupefying Stone Axe
Stage ActorsTropu’hopu Stage DirectorBattle against the State Director4500 Leaves, Physical Belt
The Late RiserTropu’hopuMaster FishermanKnock the Sleepy Fisherman next to the quest giver unconscious.4800 Leaves, Slippery Nut (M)
Pearl HuntTropu’hopuMan Searching for PearlsSteal Pretty Pearl from Beastling in Tropu’hopu then return to quest giver.15000 Leaves, Cupid’s Bow, Empowering Lychee (M)

Those are all of Octopath Traveler 2’s side quests. For more of Octopath Traveler 2’s story content, why not check out how to unlock Extra Stories?

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