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How to Obtain Job Skills for the Inventor in Octopath Traveler 2

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by Daphne Fama

The Inventor is one of the newest classes to grace Octopath Traveler 2, and some of the skills are absolutely insane. It only makes sense that we have to jump through quite a few hoops in order to unlock them. Here is how to unlock all the Inventor Skill in Octopath Traveler 2.

How to Obtain Job Skills for the Inventor in Octopath Traveler 2

When you first woo Arkar into giving you the Inventor License by giving him the smallest modicum of attention, you only have two skills unlocked. Those skills are the Changeable Catapult and the Springy Boots. Which are… fine.

But what we really want are Arkar’s Coil, Critical Scope, and Elemental Bomb Bottle. Here are all the skills an Inventor can learn.

You can learn all the Inventor skills (except the support skills) out of order. You will need to find an assortment of items to do so. Almost every invention requires a unique quest item, which can be found scattered across Solistia. But there are some skills, like Critical Scope, that only need accessories. Here are all the materials you will need to unlock the Inventor skills.

  • Changeable Catapult – Default.
  • Springy Boots – Default.
  • Critical Scope – 1 Unerring Earring, 1 Critical Earring.
  • Elemental Bomb Bottle – 1 Fire Soulstone, 1 Ice Soulstone, 1 Thunder Soulstone, and 1 Rainbow Glass Bottle.
  • Tin Horn – Empowering Lychee, 1 Tin Toy, and 1 Mythical Horn.
  • Hastening Hammer – 1 Soldier’s Bow, 1 Great Blade, and 1 Guardian’s Axe.
  • Arkar’s Coil – 1 Scrap Metal, 1 Ancient Cog, and 1 Natural Magnetite.

All Inventor Skill Item Locations

  • Unerring Earring Location – Purchasable from the weapon shop in New Delsta
  • Critical Earring Location – Purchasable from the weapon shop in Canalbrine
  • Rainbow Glass Bottle Location – In a chest in Conning Creek
  • Tin Toy Location – After completing Partitio’s Chapter 3 you’ll be in front of Wellgrove Department Store in Wellgrove, Head inside and go upstairs. Change the time to night and the Merchant there will be holding the Tin Toy.
  • Mythical Horn Location – In a chest behind a Beastling in the Nameless Village
  • Soldier’s Bow Location – Purchasable from the weapon shop in Clockbank
  • Great Blade Location – Obtainable from a guard in Stormhail
  • Guardian’s Axe Location – Purchasable from the weapon shop in Stormhail, found at the far bottom right of the map.
  • Scrap Metal Location – Factory Work in the Industrial District of Clockbank, outside of the weapon shop
  • Ancient Cog Location – Head to Roque Island, then go to the small house beside the tavern. Change the time to night and speak to the female factory worker there. You’ll need to grab the Ancient Cog from her.
  • Natural Magnetite Location – Head to the Unfinished Tunnel in the Wildlands. Knock out the foreman, then find the Natural Magnetite in a chest near the bottom of the cave.

It is likely you will be through mid to late game before you fully unlock all of these skills. But once you do, it will pair great with characters that can offer other buffs, like Agnea.

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