How to Get the STuFfeD Toy / Sunshadow Staff in Octopath Traveler 2

Why is it always a creepy stuffed bear?

Octopath Traveler 2 is full of secrets. But one of the most ominous might be the STuFfeD Toy, held in possession by a boy of Gavell. Here’s how to get the STuFfeD Toy / Sunshadow Staff in Octopath Traveler 2.

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How to Get the STuFfeD Toy / Sunshadow Staff in Octopath Traveler 2

Gavell is the land of the one of the greatest Archmages in history. It’s far-flung, isolated, a place where misfortune frequently occurs. And that is demonstrated in subtle ways, including in its children.

During daylight hours, speak to the children just right of the kiln and beneath the city’s Inn. There will be three in total. The boys will bemoan the fact that the little girl is always telling horrifying stories. But if you check the inventory of the boy on the right, you’ll see he has a unique item, the STuFfeD Toy.

Scrutinize the boy and you’ll learn that he’s afraid of almost everything. He asks his STuFfed Toy for help, and his STuFfed Toy devours his soul piece by piece so he can longer feel fear. Ominous. But you can’t take this toy away from him.

Instead, you’ll need to do something very specific.

Head outside of Gavell, going to the cliff at the far left. Change the time to night and wait. You’ll be here a long time. The boy will come to this cliff during the small window between dusk and dawn. You’ll need to wait for him to arrive. And yes, he’ll meander here on his own.  

Once he approaches, speak to him and Coerce him with Temenos.

You’ll find yourself fighting… something strange. A dark entity. But more importantly, an entity with 15 Shields.

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Technically, the monster is called Shadowy Boy, and it is extremely difficult. Not only does it have high damage attacks that can debuff, it has a move called Deadly Gaze. Deadly Gaze will kill you in four turns.

Fortunately, there’s a method to make this fight much easier.

  • Equip Temenos with Rise Again, in case you’re afflicted with Deadly Gaze. Use your Latent Ability in conjunction with the Scholar ability Elemental Barrage in order to break between 3 to 5 shields.
  • Shadowy Boy is weak to Staff, so use all of your BP on that.

With enough luck, and health management, you should be able to break Shadowy Boy. Once you do, you’ll get a bit of flavor text that does not explain why the entity is eating the boy’s soul, but whatever. Check beneath the tree for your new staff.

Sunshadow Staff has Physical Attack +171, Elemental Attack +335. When equipped, raises the potency of light- and dark-based attacks. Great for an Arcanist.

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