Is Starfield Xbox Performance Good - Answered

Is Starfield Xbox Performance Good? – Answered

Does the Xbox have enough horsepower for a trip to the stars?

The long-awaited Bethesda space RPG, Starfield, is finally here! Despite a few delays, the game will be officially available from September 6. However, players who have the Deluxe version can already access it before the release date.

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If you’re eagerly waiting for Starfield to be released on GamePass, you might be wondering how well the game performs on Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles. This Xbox and PC exclusive will be available on Game Pass from Day 1. Therefore, let’s explore whether the Xbox performance of Bethesda’s upcoming title is satisfactory or not.

Does Starfield Work Well on Xbox?

Right from the start, we can confidently say that Starfield runs quite well on Xbox consoles from day one, thanks to several patches that were released during the preload period. It appears that the developers at Bethesda put in a lot of effort to ensure a smooth launch after the delay. However, let’s take a closer look at the technical aspects to determine how it performs on both next-gen Xbox consoles.

Screenshot by Prima Games – Captured on Xbox Series X

The geeky pixel-counting experts from Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry confirmed in their tests that both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S versions run with a 30 FPS cap that cannot be changed. We can confirm from our in-house tests that there aren’t multiple video modes in Starfield for both Xbox consoles, at least for now.

Until a patch is released that introduces some kind of Performance mode, the hard 30 FPS cap is here to stay. From our experience with the game so far, the frame rate is consistent and stable with few drops on both systems.

The main difference between Series X and S is in the resolution. The Series X targets real 4K, while Series S doesn’t go over 1440p. Another big difference is, of course, the level of detail, with the Series S running into problems, although it depends from scene to scene. In some moments, the textures on the Series S look like they came straight from the Xbox 360 era.

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Advanced modern-day effects like Ray Tracing are not present, but they are not in the PC version either. And since Bethesda’s ancient engine does not support DLSS on PC, it is no wonder that there is no FSR support or any similar technology on Xbox. Which, in a way, explains the absence of a Performance mode.

Should You Play Starfield on Xbox? – Verdict

Although Starfield on Xbox could be better from a technical point of view, we still can’t complain about it. Knowing in what state many other Bethesda titles have launched on consoles, Starfield seems almost perfect! The frame rate is low but stable, and the level of detail, at least on the Series X, is comparable to some middle-to-high settings on the PC.

What is most important and actually the biggest surprise is that in the first few hours, there are minimal glitches and bugs. It seems that the delays, as well as the new Microsoft management, have paid off. So, if you don’t have a beefy gaming PC and want to experience Starfield on Xbox, you won’t miss much aside from the higher frame rates. And if that is a deal breaker for you, you can either wait for the Performance mode patch (that might never come) or build a powerful PC.

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