Improve Accuracy in Starfield
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How to Improve Weapon Accuracy in Starfield

Manage your bloom

When you pick up your first ballistic pistol in Starfield, the weapon’s accuracy can feel like it’s all over the place. The weapon reticle will quickly bloom after just a couple of shots, but there are some basics to improve accuracy overall in Starfield, and I’m here to help you use them.

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How to Increase Your Weapon Accuracy in Starfield

To increase weapon accuracy, simply crouch when you shoot to decrease the overall bloom of your weapon. Crouching is the most effective way to reduce the bloom of your reticle in between each shot. If you can manage to get behind cover and remain still for a few seconds, then that crouch boost is even better.

Improve Accuracy
Crouch to boost accuracy. (Screenshot by Prima Games)

When you stand and shoot, the bloom of your weapon will look similar to when you crouch, but it won’t recover as fast. Crouching reduces the time you need to reach maximum accuracy between shots, which then allows for more damage in the long run. Considering bloom is really only an issue at range, you want to crouch regardless so your weapon accuracy improves as much as possible.

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There are smaller ways to improve accuracy beyond just crouching or using better weapons. Some weapon mods and skills later on can help alleviate other problems as well. Sniper Certification skills, for example, can reduce the sway of long-range weapons. Bloom isn’t really an issue on scoped rifles, so it’s yet another way to make sure your shot is true.

One last way to increase hip-fire accuracy is to spend Skill Points on the Targeting perk in the Combat tree. This perk instantly provides more accuracy to any weapons fired without aiming. The range also increases, and you can mark enemies. For those who love to hip-fire like a gunslinger, this is another great pickup.

When you’re done with those weapons, make sure you have them holstered so you aren’t scaring any NPCs within Starfield.

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