Can You Play Starfield on GeForce Now? – Answered

GeForce No.

Starfield is the hottest topic in the gaming community right now. People want to dive in and find out if it’s actually delivering the space exploration experience that Bethesda has been promising in those last months. And for that, many would expect the game to be available through various different services and platforms. Is GeForce Now one of those?

Is Starfield Available Through GeForce Now?

Starfield is not playable through GeForce Now. The cloud gaming service has no announcements or mentions of Bethesda’s new title on its official page, and it seems like this will continue to be the case as the game is already an exclusive for another popular gaming service.

The game is only available for Xbox Series X|S and PC through Steam and Xbox Game Pass. This means that the chances of exploring the galaxies through Nvidia’s services are quite slim at the moment, as Microsoft has the game’s exclusivity and will likely not be willing to give it away so soon.

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It might inevitably happen at a later date, but if you want to enjoy the game while it’s fresh, your best bet is to get it on either of these platforms. You can also play its early access through the Game Pass by buying the Starfield Premium Edition, as the base subscription already gives you access to the full game.

Starfield on GeForce might not be a reality for a while, which is a bummer for players with lower specs. Having it in a cloud gaming service would ensure that people could play it at maximum quality, regardless of their PCs not being able to run it directly. As mentioned before, it can still be a reality someday but don’t expect that to be happening so soon. Maybe they’ll have better setting options by then

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