How to Change to Third Person Perspective in Starfield

Sometimes, you don't want your eyes inside of your head.

When it comes to Bethesda RPGs, there tends to be a fierce debate over whether you should play in first-person or third-person. First-person allows you to get more immersed and is easily the better way to use guns, whereas third-person can give you that extra field of view so you can watch your surroundings more carefully. How you change to third-person, though, is a little confusing. Here’s how to switch to a third-person perspective in Starfield.

How to Change Your Camera to Third-Person in Starfield

Naturally, there are different ways you can change your camera perspective, whether you are playing on PC or on Xbox. Since there are multiple ways on PC, we’ll start with that first. On PC, you can use the scroll wheel to determine which perspective you want accurately. You can scroll in to go to first-person or scroll out to do far away third-person. You can also press down on the scroll wheel to switch between first-person, close third-person, and far away third-person. If you don’t have a scroll wheel, you can change the button bind within the Bindings menu.

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As for playing on Xbox, there’s only one method to change your camera perspective. That is the Share button, located below and to the left of the central Xbox button. Pressing it will cycle through first-person, close third-person, and far away third-person.

There are no ways to change the camera perspective with more precision than the three modes, unfortunately. While mods are likely to fix this post-launch, this will only be an option on PC and may come with a host of bugs due to it not being the intended way to play.

While you’re exploring your options and figuring out different button binds, you should have a look at our guide on how to dock your ship in Starfield since the buttons can be a little confusing, especially on a controller.

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