How to Get Stun Needle Launcher (VE-60SNA) in Armored Core 6 (AC6)

Need to bring your enemy down quick? Get these weapons.

There are plenty of powerful weapons in the world of Armored Core 6, but few stack up to the VE-60SNA, also known as the Stun Needle Launcher. Up until the point that you receive this weapon, you may feel confident in the build that you’re currently running with, but after obtaining this powerful shoulder-mounted weapon, you may need to rethink your overall build. But, where do you get this weapon, and how can you get a second?

When Do You Get The Stun Needle Launcher (VE-60SNA) in Armored Core 6?

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To obtain the Stun Needle Launcher, you’ll need to conclude Chapter 3 and the battle against the Ice Worm. While this may not be the most difficult fight in the game by far, it’s still a rather challenging battle that will put you up against a creature larger than anything you have encountered up to this point, and you’ll be given a special weapon to tear through its shields.

Before taking off on this Sortie, make sure that you access the AC Assembly screen and equip this weapon, otherwise, you’ll be stuck between a rock and a hard place while trying to fight this boss. After you have taken it down, the Stun Needle is yours to keep.

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You can make your way into the Parts Shop and purchase a secondary VE-60SNA Stun Needle Launcher to equip on your second shoulder, and it’s a weapon that will come in handy during an upcoming boss fight at the end of Chapter 4. Just make sure that you’re either farming for COAM early in the game, or you continue repeating missions so you have enough cash to bring home a second Stun Needle as soon as possible, as they are rather pricey.

These are weapons that you’ll love to have on your mech when it comes to facing off against the terrifying creatures waiting for you in New Game + and New Game ++, so get a hold of them as quickly as possible. You may not have as much use for them during the fight with the Enforcer, but be sure to tune into our Armored Core 6 section below to get your hands on an excellent build for that fight, and plenty of others.

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