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How to Get Souvenir Packages in CS:GO (2023)

War Memorabilia, but Virtual!

by Nikola L

It’s the late phase of CS:GO, and still, players worldwide are scrambling to get their hands on various stuff in preparation for Counter-Strike 2. All in all, collectors have the best hopes for CS2, and we are already seeing some shake-ups, such as spikes in the prices of Cases. You may be wondering how you can obtain the Souvenir Packages in CS:GO and in this article, Prima Games covers the explanation of Souvenir Packages in CS:GO and how to get them. We hope that you will enjoy it.

How to Obtain Souvenir Packages in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

First and foremost, you need to buy (redeem) a Viewer Pass on your Steam Account. You can either buy it in-game when the pass is active, or later on Steam Community Market, from people who have bought extra and sell it at a later moment with a price markup (not to be confused with scalpers). You could also be one of those people, perhaps.

After that, you must complete the challenges in-game to level up your Event Coin (make sure to equip it from the Inventory). And, you can also directly purchase Souvenir Package redemptions in the game. Each Event Coin can be upgraded three times.

Here is our list of CS:GO Paris 2023 Souvenir Package Collections:

The basic level of the Event Coins is Bronze, and you can upgrade it from Bronze to Silver, from Silver to Gold, and from Gold to Diamond.

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How to Redeem Souvenir Packages in CS:GO

In order to Redeem the Souvenir Package that you have gotten, jump to your Event Coin in the Inventory, click it, and then click “View Coin Challenges” and Redeem Souvenirs.

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If you want to learn more about these matters, consult the official Steam Support FAQ.

That’s it for this guide, everyone. Make sure to check our game tag below for more CS content right here at Prima Games.

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