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All Skins in the CS:GO Paris 2023 Nuke Souvenir Package Collection Listed

Nuke it, Dot it.

by Nikola L Major in Paris is going to be one of the last fighting grounds for the professional CS:GO teams, due to Counter-Strike 2 (or rather, CS2) being just around the corner. During this Major season (until the end of June, please take note) you can get different souvenir packages from a handful of different collections. In this article, we’ll go over the full list of Skins that you can get in the Paris 2023 Nuke Souvenir Package Collection. There are quite a few interesting ones, so let’s dive right into it.

List of Every Skin in the CS:GO Paris 2023 Nuke Souvenir Package Collection

First things first, if you want to get these souvenir packages, we have a short guide on the matter for you:

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Also, you can check out Vertigo, Ancient, Overpass, Anubis, Mirage, and Inferno Collections on Prima Games.

Now, here are all of the skins from the Paris 2023 Nuke Souvenir Package Collection. Some of you might remember these from way back, 2018 to be precise:

M4A1-S | Control Panel
Tec-9 | Remote Control

Glock-18 | Nuclear Garden
Mag-7 | Core Breach
AUG | Random Access

AWP | Acheron
P250 | Exchanger
MP5-SD | Co-Processor
P90 | Facility Negative

Galil AR | Cold Fusion
Negev | Bulkhead
MP7 | Motherboard
M4A4 | Mainframe

Nova | Mandrel
Five-Seven | Coolant
UMP-45 | Facility Dark
P250 | Facility Draft
PP-Bizon | Facility Sketch

As always, we have a big picture of all of these skins, you can see it below, and expand it if there need be.

Image via CSGODatabase

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Pretty and interesting skins and personally, this is one of the better collections that you can get during this Major season. Nuclear Garden Glock-18 looks absolutely amazing. That’s it for this showcase of skins for the Nuke Souvenir Collection. Make sure to check the remainder of our CS:GO content at the game tag below. See you soon at Prima Games!

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