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All Skins in the CS:GO Paris 2023 Mirage Souvenir Package Collection Listed

Mirage Collection ready for your inspection!

by Nikola L Paris Major Tournament in CS:GO is for sure one of the final tournaments we’ll see in CS:GO, and mind you, it’s not because CS:GO is ending, but because CS:GO is ascending into Counter-Strike 2. Back to the subject: During this tournament, a lot of different Souvenir Packages can be obtained, and a lot of different collections of these Souvenir Packages are available, and Prima Games will cover the Mirage Souvenir Package Collection in this guide and show you all of the skins that exist in this package.

List of Every Skin in the CS:GO Paris 2023 Mirage Souvenir Package Collection

This package contains the skins from the Mirage Collection made back in 2021. In case you are not familiar with the list of skins you can get from it, we’ll be glad to present you the list below.

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AWP | Desert Hydra
Desert Eagle | Fennec Fox
MP5-SD | Oxide Oasis

Glock-18 | Pink DDPAT
XM1014 | Elegant Vines
AUG | Sand Storm

USP-S | Purple DDPAT
M249 | Humldor
SG 553 | Desert Blossom
MP9 | Music Box

FAMAS | CaliCamo
Dual Berettas | Drift Wood
P90 | Verdant Growth
CZ75-Auto | Midnight Palm

P250 | Drought
MAG-7 | Navy Sheen
PP-Bizon | Anolis
SSG 08 | Prey
MAC-10 | Sienna Damask

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As usual, here’s a graphical preview of what you can find in these packages:

Image via CSGODatabase

Compared to some other Collections for Paris 2023, I find this one to be a bit underwhelming. DDPAT Glock and USP look cool, as well as AUG SandStorm. Honorable mention goes to XM1014, mainly because XM1014 is still my favorite weapon in this (slightly godforsaken) game. If by any chance you actually want this souvenir package (or any other from the series for that matter) please have a look at the below guide:

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Important: Please make sure to claim and open the packages before the end of June, because they become defunct afterward.

That’s it for this showcase, everyone! Make sure to check out more of our CS:GO content down at the CS:GO tag, just under the article. See you soon at Prima Games!

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