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All Skins in the CS:GO Paris 2023 Vertigo Souvenir Package Collection Listed

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by Nikola L

Out of every Souvenir Package that will be available throughout the Paris Major tournament in CS:GO, Vertigo could just be one of the best Collections for a lot of CS:GO players and skin collectors (and let’s not forget skin traders). I can’t wait to show you all of the skins in the Vertigo Souvenir Package Collection, and I believe most of you will also be amazed. Almost all of the Souvenir Packages have some theme to them, based on the map name, and this one was made back in 2021 with the architecture and engineering theme.

Find out the list of all skins that come in the Vertigo Souvenir Package and decide whether you’ll try to get the package by the end of June this year.

List of Every Skin in the CS:GO Paris 2023 Vertigo Souvenir Package Collection

Let’s not delay and keep you in suspense any longer. If you need info on getting the souvenir packages, we have a short article below.

In total, you can check out Nuke, Ancient, Overpass, Anubis, Mirage, and Inferno Collections on Prima Games.

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And now… The list:

M4A1-S | Imminent Danger
Five-SeveN | Fall Hazard
SG 553 | Hazard Pay

MAG-7 | Prism Terrace
P250 | Digital Architect

Negev | Infrastructure
AK-47 | Green Laminate
Nova | Interlock
P90 | Schematic

UMP-45 | Mechanism
Glock-18 | Red Tire
SSG 08 | Carbon Fiber
PP-Bizon | Breaker Box

FAMAS | Faulty Wiring
CZ75-Auto | Framework
Dual Berettas | Oil Change
MAC-10 | Strats
XM1014 | Blue Tire

If you want to see what these skins look like, scroll down and expand the image to zoom in. I do not have any specific favorites, but all of these, even the lowest quality ones, look great, in my opinion.

Image via CSGODatabase

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That’s all for this showcase, everyone! Make sure to check out the rest of our CS:GO content at the game tag below.

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