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All Skins in the CS:GO Paris 2023 Overpass Souvenir Package Collection Listed

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by Nikola L

Paris Major Tournament ( is well underway at this moment, and a lot (and by a lot, I mean A LOT) of people are out to get some Souvenir Package Collection skins in CS:GO. There are several cool skins in many different Collections that are available at the moment, and in this article, we would like to present the Overpass Souvenir Package Collections Skins, listed by rarity. We hope you will enjoy it.

List of Every Skin in the CS:GO Paris 2023 Overpass Souvenir Package Collection

The Overpass Collection is old and dates back all the way to 2014, so you have definitely seen a lot of these skins already, but it’s useful to be reminded of them. The first one always raises eyebrows. I had it, and I was, unfortunately, not educated enough to sell it as soon as I got it. And this comes from a person who did big trades for various card games.

By the way, you can check out Vertigo, Nuke, Ancient, Anubis, Mirage, and Inferno Collections on Prima Games.

M4A1-S | Master Piece
USP-S | Road Rash

XM1014 | VariCamo Blue
CZ75-Auto | Nitro
SSG 08 | Detour

Glock-18 | Night
Desert Eagle | Urban DDPAT
P2000 | Grassland
MP7 | Gunsmoke

MAG-7 | Storm
Sawed-Off | Sage Spray
M249 | Contrast Spray
UMP-45 | Scorched
MP9 | Storm

As always, check out the visual representation of the skins below (you can expand the image as well for more detail):

Image via CSGODatabase

Nothing new can be said about one of the most iconic skin sets, Master Piece is still a very popular skin today. I’d say that hype is certainly a lot bigger because CS:GO is about to become Counter-Strike 2 (or… CS2 abbreviated, the way most players will probably refer to it) because the new Source engine will make all the skins look remarkably prettier. If you need info about how you can get these souvenir packages, check our related link below:

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