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All Skins in the CS:GO Paris 2023 Inferno Souvenir Package Collection Listed

Some really cool looking skins right here!

One of the last tournaments in CS:GO (until the game becomes Counter-Strike 2, basically) is the Paris Major tournament. A lot of different Souvenir Packages are in circulation, people are hyped about rare and crazy skins that you can get from them, secondary market investors are also all over the place and you came to Prima to see what skins you can find in the Inferno Souvenir Package Collection.

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List of Every Skin in the CS:GO Paris 2023 Inferno Souvenir Package Collection

Basically, this is the 2018 Inferno Collection and the list of the skins is as follows (Colored appropriately given the rarity of the skin and, of course, sorted by rarity).

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SG553 | Integrale
Dual Berettas | Twin Turbo

AK-47 | Safety Net
P250 | Vino Primo
MP7 | Fade

USP-S | Check Engine
M4A4 | Converter
SSG 08 | Hand Brake
Sawed-Off | Brake Light

Glock-18 | High Beam
R8 Revolver | Nitro
MAC-10 | Calf Skin
PP-Bizon | Candy Apple

MP5-SD | Dirt Drop
MP9 | Slide
AUG | Sweeper
UMP-45 | Muddler
MAG-7 | Rust Coat

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And of course, we have a graphic overview of what these skins look like. Feel free to expand the image if there need be.

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Some of these skins look really lit. If I had to single out some favorites that are not the rarest skins from this set (so, let’s go with the top three), I would be very glad to have the PP-Bizon Candy Apple, Glock High Beam, and MP7 Fade. The Paris 2023 Inferno Souvenir Package is available from May 5, 2023 all the way until the end of June 2023, so make it count!

If you want to learn how to get Souvenir Packages, here’s a short guide:

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That’s all for this article, stay tuned to Prima Games’ CS:GO tag for more content related to CS:GO, and other skin collections as we publish them. See you soon!

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