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How to Get Out of Silver Ranks in CS:GO

Lift the Curse of the Silver

by Nikola L

Silver Ranks are referred to as the “Elo Hell” in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Luckily, there are no bronze ranks, or something worse, like in other games, but still, some players find it difficult to climb out of Silver in CS:GO. Prima Games is here to help you with this effort. Here’s how you can get out of Silver Ranks in CSGO easily.

How to Climb Out of Silver Rank in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Climbing can be easy or hard. Why? Because these ranks are heavy-RNG. You might get good teammates who are on board with you to leave the Silver Rank, or you might get horrendous teammates (leavers, teamkillers, AFK-ers, vote-kickers) who will just… hinder your efforts, and there’s nothing you can do about it. On the opponent’s team, the same can happen!

So, what can you do on your own to get out of Silver in CSGO and get better in CS:GO?

How to Rank Up Outside Silver in CS:GO

There are a few key points that you must address if you want to rank up. I’ve raised multiple accounts from Silver to Gold Nova for friends who were struggling, either directly or by adding them to my team. We have a more in-depth guide on how to Rank Up in CS:GO built mostly for higher ranks, so check it out as well, it has a LOT of information to go through which will certainly help you improve long-term.

How to Get Better in CS:GO

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  • Focus on one map and one map only. Learn it from top to bottom. Dust 2 would be a common choice. Learn about Smokes on Dust 2 as well. Learn some other popular matchmaking maps in non-ranked modes so that you are not a “one-trick pony” when you stop playing Dust 2 only.
  • Get your game sense sorted. Know the rules of the game, the mechanics, have awareness of what’s happening around you, and set a good radar that will help you understand what’s happening, and will help you report back to your teammates. The majority of people have default (or even crappier) settings for radar which means you should not rely on other people to report stuff back to you. Think that you are alone.
  • Get your aim sorted. In most cases, having a good aim is sufficient for you to carry your team to victory. If you can reliably kill 2 or 3 enemies during a round (whether you survive or not) your team should be able to tie loose ends. You can practice on Aim Botz – Training Map and Fast Aim/Reflex Map – Training, which is the common training ground for top streamers and professionals as well. I had an aim skill which I would rate just 7 out of 10, where 10 are top professionals, and it was sufficient for me because I excelled at other aspects of the game (tactics, game sense, communication).
  • Diplomacy in communication. You are probably going to deal with a lot of bad actors (there’s a reason they are stuck in silver). Do not respond to toxicity, use mute and block options. Try to be as polite as you can, offer improvements, try to at least organize coordinated attacks on the T side, fill in the gaps nobody wants to defend on the CT side, and offer gun drops to teammates with decent scores if they are struggling with their Money Economy (yeah, we have a guide on CS:GO Economy but this “common sense” is thrown out of the window in Silver Ranks).
  • Don’t let the game get into your head. If you had a rough match that induced rage, just lay low for a while.
  • Have appropriate headphones. Music off.
  • Try to band up with friends or good players from matchmaking you stumbled upon. Reducing the RNG of the matchmaking on your team is a must.

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That’s it for this short guide. We hope it’ll help you get out of Silver as soon as possible, especially now that Counter-Strike 2 is around the corner. See you soon at Prima Games, and make sure to check out our CS:GO and Counter-Strike 2 tags for more content that you will certainly be able to use to further your goals of raising your ranks.

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