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How to Get Rufus’s Fury and Its God Roll in Destiny 2

“For every round, a whisper. For every shell, a scream.” —Rufus, Acolyte of Nezarec

by Daphne Fama

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a gun with a big magazine and bigger damage. And Rufus’s Fury checks off all those boxes. If you haven’t had a chance to grab this gun yet, here’s how you can get the oddly organic (and exceptionally evil) Rufus’s Fury and its God Roll in Destiny 2.

How to Get Rufus’s Fury and Its God Roll in Destiny 2

Lightfall brought with it a whole host of changes. Complete reworks to the mod system, a new planet, and, of course, the Root of Nightmares. An all new raid that features the one and only Nezarec, Final God of Pain.

And if you want to grab Rufus’s Fury, expect to spend quite a bit of time in the Root of Nightmares, as it drops exclusively in this raid.

To grab Rufus’s Fury, you’ll need to complete the third encounter against Zo’aurc, the Cabal that has you shifting planets around a room. Once you defeat this encounter, you can claim a chest which might drop Rufus’s Fury or three other weapons or three other armor pieces. So, yeah. Odds aren’t great.

But you have another drop chance when you complete the fourth encounter. This chest can drop any weapon from previous encounters, which includes Rufus. If Rufus doesn’t drop from either chest, be sure to run the Raid through again on your two other characters. And if you haven’t got two other characters, you should really consider making them. Some of the best weapons belong to raids, and RNG is often unkind.

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If this Legendary Auto Rifle does drop, you want to make sure it’s the best roll available. Otherwise, you’ll be spending a lot of time farming red borders from the secret chests scattered around the rain.

Rufus’s God Roll in Destiny 2

So, with the April 17 mid-season patch, auto rifles have finally gotten a much needed buff to damage. But Rufus’s Fury is still primarily a PvE gun that does well in PvP… but isn’t a replacement for The Immortal or other, more meta weapons.

Because of this, the best roll for Rufus’s Fury leans towards PvE.

  • Basic Barrel – Arrowhead Brake. +30 Recoil, +10 Handling.
  • Basic Magazine – Ricochet Rounds. +5 Range, +10 Stability.
  • Basic Trait 1 – Reconstruction. This weapon slowly reloads itself over time, up to double capacity.
  • Basic Trait 2 – Target Lock. Damage increases the longer this weapon remains on a target.

If you intend to have Rufus’s Fury be your primary weapon, meaning you won’t be storing it much, then Rewind Rounds is a great alternative to Reconstruction.

Rufus’s Fury isn’t the only auto rifle you should think about picking up. After the patch, Quicksilver is finally fixed and doing fantastic damage. Here’s how to get it: How to Complete the Exotic Quest Any Data Port in A Storm in Destiny 2.

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