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How to Complete the Exotic Quest Any Data Port in A Storm in Destiny 2

I love this gun

by Daphne Fama

If you have the Exotic Auto Rifle, Quicksilver Storm, the first thing you’ll want to do is grab its catalyst. And to do that? We’re going to need to complete a quest. Here’s how to complete the Exotic Quest Any Data Port in A Storm in Destiny 2.

How to Complete Any Data Port in A Storm in Destiny 2

Quicksilver Storm is an Exotic Auto Rifle that has the unique ability of turning one of its bullets into a homing-micro rocket. Which, yeah, pretty cool. But imagine if it could get even better? That’s the purpose of its Catalyst, which can only be obtained by completing the Exotic Catalyst quest Any Data Port in A Storm.

To start it off, head to Neptune and spawn in at Strider’s Gate. Interact with the hologram transmitter beside the Vault and Postbox to your right and you’ll get a pre-recorded message from Banshe-44.

Apparently, Quicksilver has a Nanite colony in it. Which is terrifying and also extremely useful. But for them to hit their optimal function, we’ll need to collect some data for them. So begins the quest.

Step 1. Gain Data

We’ll need to gain data to support the nanite calibration by rapidly defeating combatants in Neomuna with Auto Rifles, grenades, and any Grenade Launchers. Rapidly defeating combatants with Grenade Launchers grants the most progress.

So! If you have Ignition Code, the kinetic grenade launcher, this is a great time to use it. Slap on the Dimensional Hypotrochoid that Nimbus gave you earlier, or whatever your favorite power grenade launcher is.

One way to farm out this Catalyst step is through Lost Sectors and Public Events. Or, failing that, completing the campaign like normal. I personally find Neomuna to be a little lacking in mobs, so these activities are an easy way to find a concentration of enemies.

But the best way? Might be by doing the campaign mission Breakneck. There are multiple times where Goblins spawn in thick mobs, and it’s extremely satisfying to blow them up with a grenade launcher. Check out my guide on that campaign mission in the related link below.

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For every kill that you get that falls within this quest directive, you’ll get a Calibration Point. Each Calibration Point is one percent of the 100 total you’ll need.

Once you’ve killed enough enemies, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2. Go visit Banshe-44

Go visit Banshee-44 in the Tower to see what he has to say about Quicksilver Storm’s progress. Banshee-44 will make a few calibrations to the gun, and now we’re on the last step.

Step 3. Combatants Detonated.

Defeat combatants in Neomuna with the Grenade Launcher alternate fire mode of Quicksilver Storm.

Combatants detonated 0/50

Well, this is a fun step. We can follow the same strategy we used to complete step one by taking advantage of Public Events and Lost Sectors. But I find the at the campaign is just much more fun, with a higher concentration of enemies.

Upon completing the Catalyst, you’ll get the perk Nano-entanglement. The nanites have truly learned a thing or two, because Quicksilver will take on the Strand damage-type. Final blows with grenades from this weapon will create Tangles.

It’s an interesting Catalyst and well-worth the grind! If you’re curious about how to get the Season exotic, Verglas Curve, and its Catalyst, check out our article here.

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