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Root of Nightmares Raid Loot Table in Destiny 2

Give me the chest piece already

by Daphne Fama

Nezarec is the final boss of the Root of Nightmares and with his raid comes no shortage of lore and challenging encounters. Raid teams will be tested on their ability to communicate, collaborate, puzzle solve, and adapt to timed encounters. In return, they will be treated to embittered and malice-filled dialogue from Nezarec himself as well as a chance to earn some truly gorgeous loot. Here is the Root of Nightmares Raid Loot Table in Destiny 2.

Root of Nightmares Raid Loot Table in Destiny 2

There are four total encounters and, so far, two secret chests. Each encounter has the chance of dropping the following loot, and each secret chest has the chance to drop a weapon or armor piece that you have already obtained.

Encounter 1 | CataclysmEncounter 2 | ScissionEncounter 3 | MacrocosmEncounter 4 | Nezarec
Nessa’s Oblation – Legendary Void ShotgunMykel’s Reverence – Legendary Strand SidearmMykel’s Reverence – Legendary Strand SidearmConditional Finality
Koraxis’s Distress – Legendary Strand Grenade LauncherKoraxis’s Distress – Legendary Strand Grenade LauncherRufus’s Fury – Legendary Strand Auto RifleAny weapon from previous encounters
Briar’s Contempt – Legendary Solar Linear Fusion RifleAcasia’s Rejection – Legendary Solar Trace RifleAcasia’s Rejection – Legendary Solar Trace RifleRaid Helmet
Raid HelmetNessa’s Oblation – Legendary Void ShotgunRaid ChestRaid Legs
Raid ArmsRaid ArmsRaid Class Item 
Raid ChestRaid ChestRaid Legs 
Raid LegsRaid Legs  

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The raid armor for Root of Nightmares is certainly some of the unique the design team has come out with in recent years. But it certainly fits the twisted, organic aesthetic of the encounters you will face.

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