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How to Get Gold in Minecraft Legends

No pickaxe needed here.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Piglin Minecraft Legends

Whether it’s a strategy game or the survival classic we all know and love, garnering resources is an incredibly important part of the Minecraft gameplay loop. Gold is just one of those resources in Minecraft Legends, and unlike the classic, you won’t be able to go out and mine some.

Instead, you’ll have to rely on some old tactics that may seem familiar to those used to find Gold Nuggets. Below you can find two different methods for getting Gold within our Minecraft Legends guide.

Minecraft Legends – How to Get Gold

The only reliable method for earning gold is to attack Piglin bases whenever you have the chance. This is the same sentiment for resources like iron once you’ve progressed far enough in the campaign. However, attacking just any Piglins or base won’t be enough. Instead, you need to focus on the mining drills that these enemies use to get some metals of their own.

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Destroying the drills within a Piglin base and searching the remains will net you the most reliable source of gold possible in Minecraft Legends. You can even see these drills marked on the map, so make sure to hunt them down and destroy each and every drill before taking down the standard portal within the Piglin base. Otherwise, you may lose the opportunity to drain the base of its gold.

After you’ve taken down a Piglin base, you’ll also be able to search a reward chest for even more gold. Completing these bases will almost always net players with a chest at the end of the action. Combine the chest loot with all of the gold from the destroyed mining drills, and you’re looking at a good collection of resources for your Minecraft Legends campaign. Put those resources to good use so you can progress to bigger and better items down the road.

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