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What do Geysers do in Minecraft Legends? – Answered

Sometimes the earth spits at you.

by Daphne Fama
Big Beak Mount in Minecraft Legends

There’s a fairly good chance that at the very start of the game you’ve seen spurts if water on the fields. These geysers are rare, but quite helpful in the right circumstances. So, what do geysers do in Minecraft Legends?

What do Geysers do in Minecraft Legends? – Answered

If you’re anything like me, the moment you saw a geyser in Minecraft Legends, you trotted over on your trusty steed and stood on it. And while the geyser will shoot you up in the air ever so briefly, your aerial supremacy will be short-lived.

The moment the water gives out, you’ll crash back to earth and take a few points of damages. Fortunately, hearts recover fairly quickly. But you might be wondering if there’s anything else that can be done with these spurts of water.

The answer is yes! While there are several mounts in the game, there’s one in particular that can take full advantage of the geyser. And that’s the Big Beak Mount. This colorful toucan-nosed bird will let you jump on its back, giving your loyal pony a break.

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Once you’re on your Big Beak Mount, make a beeline (birdline?) to the nearest geyser and stand on it. When it erupts, you’ll be lifted into the air… but this time, you’ll glide! You won’t go extremely far, but it’s a good way to cut some time out of your busy, villager-defending commute.

And it’s a great way to skip over all those nasty thorns, lava pits, and poison-inflicting mushrooms.

If you’ve yet to run into a hoard of Big Beaks yet, then jump over to this guide to get all the Big Beak taming information you’ll need: How to Get the Big Beak Mount in Minecraft Legends.

But be careful while you’re in the Big Beak Biome. I had multiple minions leaping to their untimely deaths while in the area. Fortunately, healing minions is pretty easy to do. Necromancy? A little harder.

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