Where to Find Iron in Minecraft Legends

Where to Find Iron in Minecraft Legends

A step toward amassing a large golem army

As you progress through Minecraft Legends’ campaign, you’ll unlock various structures and combat units to help you fight against the Piglins. While you’ll first start with some plank and cobblestone golems, you gain access to others with unique abilities and strengths over time. To get these units, you’ll need additional resources, including iron! If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover where to find iron in Minecraft Legends.

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Where to Find Iron in Minecraft Legends

Before you can get iron during the campaign, you’ll have to progress far enough to unlock the “Gather Iron” improvement in your melodies book. This book shows four melody categories: resourcing, combat, player building and improvements. Head into the improvements section to find the gather iron one, which you can place next to one of your improvement hubs at the Well of Fate.

Minecraft Legends Gather Iron Improvement

However, if you try to do this right at the beginning, you won’t see the option for the improvement. First, you’ll have to save a few villages and defeat various piglin outposts before Foresight, Action, and Knowledge ask you to visit the Well of Fate. You’ll build the improvement from here, allowing you to harvest iron!

Around the same time, you’ll begin unlocking other resources and units to use throughout the campaign. If you’re curious about obtaining these materials, be sure to check out where to find coal in Minecraft Legends.

Unlocking iron in PvP is similar: you’ll have to collect Prismarine and build the improvement before you can begin gathering it. The main difference is that, instead of waiting until a certain point in the story, you have to wait until you have enough resources to build the improvement before venturing out and getting some. Once you or your teammates finish making it, your entire team receives the improvement benefits.

Finding Iron in the Overworld

Now that you’ve placed the improvement, it’s time to gather some! A quick way to find iron in the campaign is to hover over a village and check their produced resources. While each one gives lapis, you’ll also find a block showing its primary ore. Look for one with iron and travel to the village. Now, when you open that village’s reward chest, you can gain iron!

Minecraft Legends Iron Vein

The main way you’ll get iron is by gathering some in the wild. The easiest way to do this is by heading back to a village with iron as its primary resource and searching around it for iron veins. Iron appears as stone blocks with orange spots, surrounded by a dark gravel-like block.

In general, you’ll want to travel around the Fatelands, forest and dry savanna for the best chances of finding iron.

Much like wood and stone, you can gather this by placing an iron Allay chest down, allowing your Allays to pick up the iron blocks and add them to your balance. Your capacity is initially limited, and you can increase this by building more iron improvements at your Well of Fate. You can also get more Allays if you need to, allowing you to place more chests and gather resources faster.

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What Is Iron Used For?

One purpose of iron in Minecraft Legends is to train Grindstone and Mossy golems. While one is speedy and effective against ranged enemies, the other is a support golem that heals you and your other units. These two golem types will be crucial to your early-game success until you unlock more allies for your army.

They’re even better if you’re like me and like to dive right into groups of enemies, losing half of your health within a few seconds. I’ve died more times than I can count just because I forgot to recruit some healing golems.

Another use of iron is building the Wellhouse and Masonry. Wellhouses act as fast-travel locations you can place anywhere, while masonries upgrade your wooden defensive buildings to stone. Both structures are essential for surviving in the mid and late-game, especially as you face powerful village raids.

Minecraft Legends is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation platforms. To learn more about the game, check out our entire list of Minecraft Legends guides by clicking the tag below!

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