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Will Minecraft Legends Run Well On Steam Deck? – Answered

Minecraft Legends on the go, anyone?

by Nikola L
Minecraft Legends PvP

Minecraft Legends is right around the corner, with millions of Minecraft fans worldwide ecstatic about the release of the game. Among them, (insert bad amogus joke here) there are a lot of Steam Deck owners for sure. Every Steam Deck owner that’s a Minecraft fan will almost certainly want to play Minecraft on the go (especially the younger audience, on long journeys across the country, etc.) and the question is if Minecraft Legends will run well on your Steam Deck or not.

Let’s find out. Welcome to Prima Games.

Will Minecraft Legends be Available on Steam Deck?

Minecraft Legends is, so far, confirmed to be on Steam. The release date is pretty known, but it seems that somebody will get coal for next Christmas because they’re selling PlayStation copies online, way before the release date. It is expected that you will be able to take Minecraft Legends for a spin on Steam Deck.

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Minecraft Legends might just be one of the best-selling games of the year 2023, but we are yet to see how much will Minecraft fans be mobilized about this game. The original Minecraft already has its place in history when it comes to all-time sales.

What Is The Performance of Minecraft Legends on Steam Deck?

The performance of Minecraft Legends on Steam Deck is not yet tested, but it’s expected that it will run well given the minimum system requirements of Minecraft Legends. As soon as we manage to test it out, we’ll make sure to report back on how well is Minecraft Legends running on a Steam Deck, because we understand that a lot of our readers are interested to know whether the performance is good or bad.

That’s all for this article, everyone. We invite you to check out our Minecraft Legends game tag for more cool stuff about Minecraft Legends since Prima Games will surely follow and report about the game in the future. See you soon!

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