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Will Minecraft Legends Have PvP? – Answered

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by Patrick Souza
Minecraft Legends PvP

Being a tactical strategy game, Minecraft Legends is quite different from previous Mojang titles. Various elements like enemies, buildings and weapons are still here but presented in a very unique fashion. But very much like other Minecraft titles, the multiplayer feature is still a core of its identity. But considering this game’s nature, is it feasible to expect some Player versus Player action in the final product?

Will Minecraft Legends Have PvP? – Answered

Yes, Minecraft Legends does have PvP. Contrary to what you may think at first, it’s not a small feature but a fully fleshed-out mode with quite some depth. Mojang dropped a video showcasing some clips from PvP gameplay a few months ago, complete with interviews talking about the mode.

PvP happens in generated worlds as a 4v4 team match where players must manage their resources, tame wild creatures, build/enhance their fortress and fend off the wandering Piglins (a neutral threat in this mode) before finally engaging into direct confront against the opposing team.

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Be sure to watch for potential traps and enemies hiding in plain sight when making a full-front assault. You can use the various mobs and creatures you’ve tamed around the map to be your frontline, keeping actual players at a safe distance to avoid a premature loss in a decisive moment.

Changing strategies along the way is essential to ensure victory. Sometimes a slow but tactical approach is better than simply storming the castles, while brute force might just be exactly what you need to conquer your foes in a match. Being able to adapt and respond can draw a thin line between victory and defeat.

There’s still a regular PvE mode with a full story mode and all, but you can keep the action going with/against your pals in PvP whenever you want. So start grabbing your resources and get ready to fight!

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