Where to Find Coal in Minecraft Legends

Where to Find Coal in Minecraft Legends

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If you’re familiar with Minecraft, you likely know the first part of your adventure: find wood, mine some stone, and get coal to help you cook items in a furnace. While Minecraft Legends strays away from this survival aspect, the order you get resources is similar. Even though wood and stone are the first two you’ll get, iron and coal follow shortly after! With that in mind, it’s important to understand how to unlock these and where you can obtain these crucial resources. If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover where to find coal in Minecraft Legends.

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Where to Find Coal in Minecraft Legends

Before you can search for coal in the Overworld, you’ll have to unlock the ability to gather it! To do this, you must first progress far enough in the story to enter your melody book and get the “Gather Coal” improvement. You’ll know you have this when you’re asked to visit the Well of Fate and get the iron improvement during the story. If you still need to get to this point, be sure to check out where to find iron in Minecraft Legends.

Once you get the iron improvement through your book’s Improvements and Host Melodies section, you’ll notice that ones for coal, diamond and Redstone appear shortly after. However, you’ll need Prismarine and stone for the next set of improvements, which you can find by defeating Piglin outposts and gathering in the wild, respectively. After obtaining these resources, you can return to the Well of Fate and build the coal improvement!

Minecraft Legends Gather Coal Improvement

Unlocking coal in PvP is almost identical to the campaign. The only difference is that, instead of waiting for story progression, you must collect the necessary resources to build the improvement. Once you finish the gather coal improvement, you and your teammates will receive the buff!

Finding Coal in the Overworld

Once you place the coal improvement at your Well of Fate, you’ll be ready to gather some in the wild. A quick way to get coal is by mousing or hovering over a village on your map and visiting one that produces coal. Travel to this village and open its reward chest to get some coal! Over time, as you defend villages during raids, they’ll provide more helpful resources for you to collect.

Minecraft Legends Coal Vein

The most consistent way to find coal is to explore the Overworld and find ore veins. In particular, you’ll want to explore the meadow and badlands for the best chances of spotting some! Coal ore appears as regular stone blocks with black speckles surrounded by darker blocks in the ground. By placing a coal Allay chest down, they’ll gather the ore and add it to your total supply. Over time, you can build more coal improvements to increase your carrying capacity.

You can also get more Allays if you find that you’re running out and need to gather supplies faster. For more details about this, check out how to get more Allays in Minecraft Legends.

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What Is Coal Used For?

The main purpose of coal is to spawn creepers into your army. Building the spawner costs five coal, with each creeper requiring an additional two coal blocks. If you’re familiar with Minecraft, you may know exactly what these infamous green creatures do. If not, get ready for an explosive adventure.

I mean it, too. In all my time playing Minecraft, few things are more fun than taking creepers to a Piglin base and wreaking havoc. If you ever want to have some fun, that’s the way to do it.

Coal is also a helpful block for building advanced structures like scatter and protector towers, improving your defences and increasing your chances of surviving against village raids. To make things extra exciting, you can also use coal to build a Kaboomery, which adds explosive knockback to your tower projectiles.

Minecraft Legends is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation platforms. To learn more about the game, check out our entire list of Minecraft Legends guides by clicking the tag below!

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