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All Minecraft Legends Campaign Difficulty Settings Explained

Knowing which setting to choose isn't too difficult.

by Shawn Robinson
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Minecraft Legends is now out in the wild, bringing a brand new Minecraft experience to players around the world. The world has been ravaged by the Piglin armies of the nether, and it’s up to both you and the forces of the Overworld to push them back to where they came. Before you can jump straight into the game’s grand battles, you must choose a difficulty. Here are all Minecraft Legends campaign difficulty settings explained.

Every Difficulty Setting in Minecraft Legends

In total, Minecraft Legends has four different difficulty settings that vary drastically in what they ask of you. The first difficulty setting is Storied, which is designed with new strategy game fans in mind. The world is much smaller, enemies are less difficult, and resources are far more plentiful. You should select this difficulty if it’s one of the first strategy games you’ve played, as it’ll give you plenty of leeway to make mistakes.

The second difficulty is Fabled, designed with the average player in mind. It isn’t quite as difficult or expansive as the latter two difficulties, but you will need to understand some more basic strategy concepts if you’re looking to be successful. If you’re unsure what difficulty would be best for you, we suggest trying this difficulty and seeing how it feels.

The third difficulty is Mythic, which is meant for those of you who’ve had some firm experience with strategy games. The world is much larger, and resources are considerably more scarce. Taking down your foes will also require a bit more strategy and understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your units. If you feel confident in your ability to command an army of varied units, then this is difficulty for you.

That brings us to the fourth and final difficulty, Legendary. For 99% of you, we suggest avoiding this difficulty entirely until you’ve beaten Minecraft Legends at least once. If you have beaten it, or simply love putting yourself through a serious beating, Legendary is the way to go. The world is colossal, resources are far more rare than any of the three other difficulties, and enemies will decimate anyone without a firm strategy in place.

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This should help you understand the difficulties of Minecraft Legends far better. If you want to make this easier or harder at any point, check out how to change the difficulty settings in Minecraft Legends.

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