How to Change Difficulty Settings in Minecraft Legends

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Depending on your experience with action-strategy or RTS games, you may find Minecraft Legends to be either extremely easy or extremely difficult. Luckily, you have the ability to change the difficulty to your preferred stress level, and it’s quite simple to do! Without further ado, continue reading to discover how to change your difficulty settings in Minecraft Legends.

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How to Change Difficulty Settings in Minecraft Legends

As you create your first Minecraft Legends campaign, you will be given the option to set a difficulty mode. As someone with little RTS experience, I went with Fabled.

However, you may find yourself cruising through the campaign without challenge or getting stuck without being able to progress.

Before you can change the difficulty mode, you will first need to exit out of your save and head to the main menu

Here’s how to change your difficulty settings in Minecraft Legends:

  • In the main menu, enter the Campaign and click on your already loaded save
  • In this campaign lobby menu, you will see a Difficulty tab under “Settings”
  • Go to the difficulty tab and change the mode to your desired difficulty level

Once you have changed the difficulty, you will immediately notice that Piglins become more dangerous, and Villages will be raided more frequently.

As someone with no action-strategy game experience, I started with Fabled mode, which was perfect at first. Eventually, I found it too easy and swapped to Mythic, which was much more challenging.

It is important to note that the difficulty you start on will determine your world size, and this cannot be changed. If you want a larger or smaller world in Minecraft Legends, you will have to create a new save with a different difficulty mode.

The size of the world will affect the length of the campaign. This means you should start with an easier difficulty setting if you want a small world, and vice versa.

All Minecraft Legends Difficulty Settings Explained

Here is a quick run-down of each Minecraft Legends difficulty mode:

  • Storied: Small world, more resources. Piglins will be easier to defeat.
  • Fabled: Balanced world size, balanced resources. It will take some strategy to defeat the Piglins.
  • Mythic: A good challenge. Larger world size, resources are less common. Piglins will put up a fight.
  • Legendary: Prepare for the Piglin onslaught. Massive world, resources are scarce. Piglins will decimate anyone without a solid strategy.

Now that you know how to change the difficulty options in Minecraft Legends, you can play the game at your own pace.

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