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How Long is the Minecraft Legends Campaign? – Answered

How long can you savor this exciting strategy game?

While the original Minecraft may be a never-ending adventure, its spinoff titles eventually do come to a close. Minecraft Legends is no exception, as you’ll find yourself working through an expansive campaign to save the world around you from the hostile Piglins and bring peace to the forefront once more. But, how long is it going to take you to make this dream a reality, and can you expect a long road ahead of you? Get on your horse, and let’s see how many hours of Piglin-slashing fun lay waiting for you in Minecraft Legends.

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How Long Does It Take To Beat Minecraft Legends?

Depending on the type of gamer you are, you can expect Minecraft Legends to have a fairly beefy campaign. Even if you’re planning to rush through it, you can still expect to see at least 20 to 30 hours of gameplay before the final credits roll. That’s not including jumping into the multiplayer aspects of it, just for the campaign to conclude.

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You’ll find that between the building and combat aspects of the game, there is more thane enough to keep you occupied throughout the enjoyable and sometimes comical story. Minecraft Legends wears a lot on its sleeve, but it pulls it off rather well, according to our review. You’ll find that once the campaign has come to an end, there is still plenty to see and do, which makes it almost impossible to put down.

If you’re planning on taking your time a bit more, you can expect to pad your playtime a fair bit longer than the 20 to 30-hour point, making it worth the purchase, or at least a sub to Xbox Game Pass. With so many different materials to find and places to explore, the world is your oyster, and you’ve got plenty to look forward to when you jump into Minecraft Legends.

If you need help finding new materials like Prismarine or just want to learn more about the game before jumping in, make sure to visit our Minecraft Legends page below.

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