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How to Fast Travel in Minecraft Legends

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As you make your way into the new world of Minecraft Legends, knowing how to get around is a key factor. This isn’t your typical, peaceful creative world, as you’ll need to defend your base and work on taking down the mobs of Piglins in your area. That means knowing how to fast travel could mean the difference between victory and defeat, so finding out how to use this useful skill is rather important, and rather simple all things considered. Here is what you need to know on how to make fast travel as easy as possible in Minecraft Legends.

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How To Access Fast Travel In Minecraft Legends

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As you progress your way through the Campaign, there will be multiple ways that you can Fast Travel throughout the world. The first unlockable point is at the Well of Fate, which is the central location of your base, which serves as the hub for your particular village. After this, any other village you visit will unlock as an instant Fast Travel point, as well.

Once you have unlocked Iron in the campaign, you’ll also have the ability to create Wellhouses, which serve as instant Fast Travel points that you can place anywhere in the world around you. To create a Wellhouse, you’ll need the following materials:

  • 250 Wood
  • 250 Stone
  • 75 Iron
  • 50 Prismarine

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While it sounds like a lot of materials are needed to create one, items are much more abundant in the world in Minecraft Legends than they are in the standard game, so you’ll be crafting and creating these in no time.

How Do You Fast Travel On The Map Screen in Minecraft Legends

Thankfully, this process is rather simple. You’ll just need to select the area that you’re wanting to visit and hover over it with your cursor on the map screen. Once you have selected your location, press the action key on your controller of choice, or spacebar on your PC, to make the jump to this new location.

While the map screen may look like an ample point to pause your game, you’ll find that you need to keep moving no matter where you are. This world can be unforgiving at times, so make sure you’re ready to battle everything that gets in your way. You can even bring a friend along for the ride if you’re finding the game to be a touch too difficult to manage on your own.

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