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Can you Pause Minecraft Legends? – Answered

Truly, this is the Dark Souls of Minecraft

by Shaun Cichacki
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If you’re ready to explore the vast and beautiful world of Minecraft Legends but feel the need to take a quick break, you may be wondering if you’ll be able to pause the action and get yourself ready before challenging the Piglin armies that are waiting to lay siege to you and your base. Maybe you’re waiting for some food to be delivered, or need to take a moment to do a quick errand, finding out if you can pause this RTS title could make or break the experience for you. So, can you pause the game in Minecraft Legends?

Can You Pause In Minecraft Legends?

The quick and simple answer is: no, you cannot pause Minecraft Legends. Even if you are playing by your lonesome, you’ll find that the world will keep moving behind the menu screen, so you’ll need to either move very quickly to get your current task done, or save and leave the game.

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Since Multiplayer is a large focus of Minecraft Legends, it’s understandable why you wouldn’t be able to pause the game in Multiplayer, but even Solo players will find that they are not able to pause the game to grab a quick drink or use the restroom. You’ll need to ensure that you’re either in a safe spot in the world or bump out of the game for a little while and come back later. If you’ve got some good partners, they may be able to keep you and your base safe while you venture off for an adventure in the real world.

If you find yourself hesitant to try out this new Minecraft formula, make sure that you jump onto Xbox Game Pass as soon as possible, as you’ll find that it will be available to play on release day. We found the game to be a lovely experience that is brimming with personality in our review, but make sure to stock up on sweet treats before jumping into this new world.

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