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Does Minecraft Legends Have Split-screen Co-op? – Answered

I see two of you...or do I?

by Patrick Souza
Minecraft Legends Crossplay

Any Minecraft title is best enjoyed with friends, and it wouldn’t be different with Minecraft Legends, a new entry for the series betting on a whole new genre instead of the usual “survival through building things” style. Constructions are still a thing and it’s nice to know that you can cleanse the Overworld from the Piglin threat alongside your friends. But can you do it on the same screen simultaneously? Here’s if Minecraft Legends includes split-screen co-op.

Is There Split-Screen Co-op in Minecraft Legends?

Minecraft Legends doesn’t feature a split-screen Co-op game mode. While Multiplayer is present as one of its main features, with up to 4 players at once per match, all of those players need to be on separate devices and cannot play on the same console or computer. So if you’re thinking about playing at someone else’s house, make sure you’re bringing your Nintendo Switch or your Steam Deck.

This shouldn’t come as any surprise as the game’s own nature as an RTS makes it harder to put it into a split-screen scenario. Players need to be able to look at their full screen at all times. When playing a 1v1 match, both would be able to see each other’s strategy too, killing any element of surprise before it could even appear. So don’t expect split-screen to be implemented later either, as this mode would probably have a negative impact on both players’ experiences.

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If you’re adamant about playing with friends, you can try it out through the Xbox Game Pass as the game is another Day 1 title for Microsoft’s gaming service. No need to worry if they all own the game on separate platforms. Crossplay is a thing in this game, so everyone can play together no matter if they’re from PC, Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo. Only a single screen per player, but not necessarily a single-player-only game.

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