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How to Get Diamonds in Minecraft Legends

Mine Diamonds!

by Joe Greene
naturally spawned diamonds in minecraft legends

Diamonds are one of the most useful resources in Minecraft Legends. They allow players to spawn some of the best units in the game, along with some powerful structures to defend your villages with. Because you will be using Diamonds so often, it is important to know the fastest ways to acquire them. Without further ado, continue reading to learn how to get Diamonds in Minecraft Legends.

How to Get Diamonds in Minecraft Legends

The fastest way to get a lot of Diamonds in Minecraft Legends is to take advantage of the resource chests found at each village. More specifically, the villages in Tundra or Jagged Peaks biomes will house resource chests that contain diamonds.

Diamond chest location (Image via Prima Games)

Stop by this village every hour or so, and you will be gifted with a massive supply of Diamonds to use on units and structures. This chest fills up over time, and acts as a supplement to the naturally spawned diamonds in the world.

On that note, you can also find Diamonds in the Tundra and Jagged peaks biomes in Minecraft Legends. Simply open your map, and move around the various areas. You will eventually see the Tundra and Jagged Peaks biomes with a Diamond icon next to them. Fast travel there, and you will find Diamond veins scattered throughout the lands.

Keep in mind, naturally-spawned resources in the Minecraft Legends campaign do not respawn like in Versus Mode, so your main source of Diamonds (and all other resources) will likely come from the village chests.

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What are Diamonds Used for in Minecraft Legends?

Now that you know where to find Diamonds in Minecraft Legends, you may be wondering what you can use them on.

My main Diamond expenditure came from recruiting the Skeleton unit, which is an extremely powerful unit that can take enemies out from range. Each Skeleton requires two Diamonds, however they are well worth it!

You can also build structures like Ice Traps, Frost Towers, and the Spyglass Overlook with Diamonds. These are extremely useful for base defense, and are also certainly worth the large investment.

Now that you know how to get Diamonds in Minecraft Legends, it’s time to get out there and spam those Skeleton archers!

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