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How to Download Fall Guys on PC for Free

Completely free-to-play!

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How to Download Fall Guys on PC for Free

Shortly after the original release and the massive popularity of Fall Guys in 2020, there was a steady decline in the number of players. However, in June of this year since the game was re-launched as a free-to-play release, 20 million players were amassed in just 48 hours and 50 million after two! There is no doubt that Fall Guys is very popular again thanks to the brand-new free-to-play model and new seasonal content that was introduced. If you want to join the fun, keep reading to learn how to download Fall Guys on PC for free.

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How to Download Fall Guys on PC for Free

To download the free-to-play version of Fall Guys, follow the next steps:

  1. Go to the official website here.
  2. Scroll and then click on “Download now.”
  3. Select your desired platform. You will notice that aside from PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox, there is only the Epic Games Store option for PC as the game is no longer available on Steam since the free-to-play relaunch.
  4. Each link will send you to the storefront of the platform you choose where you can then download the game for free.

Do keep in mind that if you select PC, you should make an Epic Games account as well to be able to fully customize your profile. Aside from that, the game is indeed free-to-play and you can join matches with other players online right away, including up to three friends if you wish. Have fun!

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