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Can You Still Get the Master Chief Helmet in Fall Guys?

by Nikola Pajtic

Epic Games has done wonders for the cute jellybean creatures known as Fall Guys. Not only is the game now free to play, but it has also received a Nintendo Switch port for on-the-go play, provided you’re connected to the internet, of course. Recently, Fall Guys got a new crossover event inspired by the Halo franchise, Spartan Showdown, during which you could win Halo-specific content, including the iconic Master Chief helmet – which has cat ears. But is it still available in Fall Guys?

Can You Still Get the Master Chief Helmet in Fall Guys?

The short answer is no, you cannot get the Master Chief Helmet in Fall Guys currently. The Spartan Showdown event, where you could win the cosmetic by collecting five Lost Helmets while fighting for the win, ran for a week from June 30, 2022, until July 5, 2022.

There’s no indication of if or when the event will be coming back so for now, it is unobtainable.

When the event was live, you had to complete the following tasks to win the Master Chief Helmet:

  1. Collect Lost Helmet in Tip Toe Round in Spartan Showdown
  2. Collect the Lost Helmet in Gate Crash in Spartan Showdown
  3. Collect the Lost Helmet in Dizzy Heights in Spartan Showdown
  4. Collect the Lost Helmet in Thin Ice in Spartan Showdown
  5. Collect the Lost Helmet in Big Shots in Spartan Showdown

Once you completed the above challenges, you unlocked the Purrfect Helmet, which is essentially a pink Master Chief helmet with cat ears decoration. 

Additionally to the Purrfect Helmet, you also unlocked several other rewards by fulfilling other objectives, including:

  • Spartan at Heart Nickname – Unlocks at 100 helmets
  • 200 Kudos – Unlocks at 200 helmets
  • Spartan Nameplate – Unlocks at 500 helmets
  • AI Construct Pattern – Unlocks at 700 helmets

If you wanted to get one that wasn’t pink with cat ears, a full Master Chief skin complete with the original helmet design was up for sale in the Fall Guys in-game store for 1200 Show Bucks, which when transferred to real money is around $10. Whether fans will see this go up for sale again outside the event is currently unknown.

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