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How to Completing Maintaining the Edge in Starfield

When your R&D department falls short, steal from your competitors

Time to rise and grind, corporate pawn. Ryujin Industries doesn’t sleep and neither do we. And this time, we’re headed to a luxury shipyard to get sticky fingers with a prototype schematic. Here’s how to complete Maintaining the Edge in Starfield.

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How to Complete Ryujin Faction Quest Maintaining the Edge in Starfield

The quest Maintaining the Edge is assigned by Imogene after completing the prior quest Accidents Happen.

We’ve sabotaged, lied, and stolen our way into Imogene’s good graces. And our reward is a visit to the Trident Luxury Lines Staryard orbiting Akila. But don’t expect this to be a free trip. We’ll need to get our hands on a prototype schematic that will, you guessed it, help maintain Ryujin Industries’ edge over its competition.

So, let’s dive right in. But note: buy digipicks.

Set Course to Akila

If you haven’t been to Akila yet, it’s in the Cheyenne System. The Trident is actually orbiting Akila. But to get to it quickly, we recommend jumping to Akila, and then opening your star map. From there, you’ll see a new icon around Akila. Click it, and it will read Trident Luxury Lines Staryard.

Photo of Cheyenne and Freestar Collective
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You can then travel immediately to it without any fuss.

Get close to it, select it, and then choose to dock. Once you’re safely docked, board the staryard.

Find the Schematic

So, you’ll immediately enter a lobby area. But note, if you interact with the console on the wall and read “Trident Partnership Opportunities,” you’ll unlock a new quest. This quest, called “Drydock Blues: Trident Luxury Lines Staryard,” has nothing to do with our current objective. But what types of guide writers would we be if we didn’t give you a heads up?

As for actually getting the schematic, there are two ways to do it. It’s on the lower floor, in a locked room.

Here are your options.

Lockpick the Door

The door blocking your way inside is actually pretty easy to pick. It only has a novice lock and if you don’t have a digipick, there’s one nearby. To the right of the locked room is another room with an orange door. Inside is the server room, but also a small table with a digipick.

Employee floor in Starfield
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The problem? It’s in the middle of the employee floor. However, by crouching near the whiteboard to the far left of the door, you have the highest chance of getting a “Hidden” status. It won’t last long, but it will eventually occur.

Interior shot in Starfield employee floor
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Note for side quests: You can also speak to Gladys right outside of this door to get a side quest. Ask her if she’s famous, then congratulate her on her awards. She’ll then ask you to get her Velocity from Neon. Velocity can be purchased only at Madame Sauvage’s Place in Neon. Your reward for completing this quest is 2,500 Credits. Velocity costs around 500 credits.

Or Enter Through the Vent

The second option is the vent on the first floor. You’ll gain access to this vent almost immediately after entering Trident Luxury Liner.

Just continue forward and bypass the stairs that would otherwise lead you to the bottom floor. The vent can be accessed by opening the orange door to your right.

Trident Luxury Liner interior image.
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The problem? It’s an expert lock. But once you lockpick your way inside, you’re practically impossible to see, as you steal the schematic through the lower vent.

POV inside the Trident Luxury Liner vent.
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Once you grab it, return to Imogene.

Rewards From Imogene

Another job well done. You’ll get 2,500 Credits and two Medpacks. And now? We finally have permission to access Ryujin Industries’ top floor.

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