How to Complete Access is Key in Starfield

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We’re slowly moving up in the world! And by the world, I mean a shady corporation hellbent on destroying its competition through the most duplicitous means possible. And this time, we’ll need to do a little cosplay. Here’s how to complete the Ryujin Faction Quest Access is Key in Starfield.

How to Complete Access is Key in Starfield

Speak to Imogene, and she’ll set you on the path of your next mission. A mission that will require the highest amount of subtlety yet. So, let’s get right to it.

Purchase the Suit in Ryujin’s Lobby

First, we’ll need to purchase a suit, if you don’t already have one. Go back to Neon Core or down the Ryujin elevator. Near the Ryujin elevator will be Ryujin’s dedicated shop. Aito, the shopkeeper, will be standing right in the center. And from him, you can buy suits ranging from 330~ to 600~ credits.

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Buying this suit is optional, but I highly recommend you do it. It will make this quest significantly easier, and you’ll make your Credits back.

Head to Gagarin

Gagarin is a planet in the Alpha Centauri System. You know, the system that’s home to our very own Jemison and New Atlantis! But Gagarin is half as pretty as its Jemison sibling. From the star map or the quick travel menu, select Gagarin Landing.

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Once you arrive, you’ll see a tense conversation between an investor and the security chief of Gagarin. But that’s not our business right now.

Head straight down the metal road, and you’ll find the security officer we need standing guard.

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Speak to the Guard

So, here’s how it boils down. You have three options:

  • Persuade the guard.
  • Pickpocket her.
  • Kill her and loot her body.
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Persuading the guard is the option Imogene wants you to do. To do this, you need to have the suit equipped. If it is, tell the guard you need her key card, and you’ll be forced into a persuasion check. Fortunately, you only need to score four points to pass.

The next best option is pickpocketing. To pickpocket, you’ll need one skill in Theft. But pickpocketing is very difficult here, as the guard is frequently out in the open. Meaning you’ll be quickly detected. If you’d like to try, crouch behind her and interact with her to grab the security key.

The final and worst option is to kill her. This will cause Imogene to deduct your pay. And if others see you kill the guard, they’ll become hostile. But once you kill her, you can loot the card off her body.

Killing her is the last resort option, as Imogene wants you to avoid being caught. You’ll get credits docked from your end pay. Pickpocketing requires at least one rank in Theft. But the issue is that the Guard is always out in the open, making it very difficult to go undetected.

Return to Imogene

With the security card in hand, return to Imogene. Her reception for you will depend on what option you selected. A perfect mission will compensate you with two MedPacks and 2,500 Credits.

While you’re back in Neon, now’s the perfect time to grab a few Companions from the dozens of bars scattered around the city. Some are well worth the Credits they cost, while others can be a little lackluster.

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