How to Complete Top Secrets in Starfield

A little thieving, a little killing. Just another day in Ryujin Industries.

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Well, I think we’re finally moving up in Ryujin Industries. And it’s about time. We’ve stolen, sabotaged, and mingled our way through quite a few missions now. So, let’s jump on this next quest. Here’s how to complete Top Secrets in Starfield.

How to Complete Ryujin Industries Faction Quest Top Secrets in Starfield

Stealing that schematic in Trident Luxury Liners Staryard was a lockpicking cakewalk. But Top Secrets requires… quite a few lock picks, some negotiation, and perhaps a little murder. So, let’s get right on it.

Speak to Ularu Chen

To find Ulana, we’ll need to go to the Executive Office. To do this, head back to the elevators in the lobby and select the newly available option Executive Office.

And what an office it is. Where Ryujin Industries’ bottom floor is defined by its distinctive red, the Executive Office is a clean white. Head upstairs to speak to Maeve, Ularu Chen’s executive assistant.

Note, there are quite a few safes and one computer to hack on your way here. The contents aren’t particularly interesting, just credits (between 500 – 700~), ammo, and one rare gun. Dalton’s computer has no information of value on it.

After speaking to Ularu, you’ll be instructed to head to Cydonia to meet with one of Ularu’s contacts to negotiate a deal for information.

Find Simon Ryczek

Head to Cydonia on Mar, in the Sol System.

Once you’re in Cydonia, head all the way straight until you reach the stairs that lead into the mining pit. Instead, cut left and move towards Reliant Medical. Turn left at the UC Exchange, and you’ll see a set of stairs that leads to an isolated rooftop.

This is where you’ll find Simon. Start a conversation with Simon, and he’ll drop in the code phrase. Respond with, “Razor derby is the only real sport.”

Simon will then offer you three ways in which you can complete this quest.

Option 1: Pay 10,000 Credits

If you pony up the Credits, you’ll immediately jump to the next step. So, if you don’t want to waste your time and have money to burn, this is a great option.

Option 2: Negotiate

You only need to hit four persuasion points to win this encounter. But it won’t lower the price by much. He’ll still demand you pay 8,000 Credits. And if that’s too rich for your blood, there’s always the side job.

Option 3: Complete a Side Job

He wants you to kill a freelance mercenary called Malai Liskova. Who, unsurprisingly, wants to kill him. If you’re on the fence about whether this is a good option, it is. Malai is a high-level opponent. But if you board her ship and kill her, you stand to make quite a bit of credits.

Here’s how to find and handle her.

Malai is in orbit around Saturn. Travel there, and Malai will immediately hail you. Since we need her gun, we’ll need to board her ship.  

Accept the hail, then tell her that Simon wants to kill her. Apparently, Simon’s been trying (and failing) to kill her for years. Tell her you want to find a way to solve this without her dying, then tell her you need her gun as proof of death.

She’ll then invite you on board. You can talk to her about her situation with Simon once you’re on board. Apparently, he ratted her out and now she lives to make his life hell. She’ll also reveal that she fully intends to kill you and just wanted to make sure your ship was unharmed before she takes it.

You can then persuade or kill her.

If you persuade her, she’ll just hand over her gun. If you kill her, you get her ship, The Datura, and the gun. It’s slightly better than the Razorleaf, at least offensively. Selling it is also a good option.

Return to Simon, and he’ll let you keep the gun. It’s worth 10,122 Credits, but it’s not a bad legendary laser pistol to have in your arsenal.

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Retrieve the Project Dominion Files

Simon will then give you some information. The first is an audio log that reveals some background about Project Dominion. The second is a text log. This text log is incredibly useful because it lets you know the daily habits of Stanley McMillan.

And we need to access Stanley McMillan’s computer to get the Project Dominion files.

Stanley McMillan’s office is exactly opposite the rooftop you found Simon on. Head back to the main corridor, then take the right passage along the stairs, bypassing the UC Office of the Governor-General.

You’ll wind up at Deimos Staryard Corporate Quarters.

Use the text log to find a time when Stanley is not at his desk. You can then sit in a nearby chair and pass the time until he’s gone.

Once he is, hack his computer. It has a novice lock. I find that hiding behind one of the walls will keep you hidden from Peter, who likes to lurk in the middle of the floor.

When you’ve hacked Stanley’s computer, you’ll then need to hack the Deimos Staryards Presentation file. This, again, has a novice lock on it.

Once you have the file downloaded, it’s time to call it a day.

Return to Ularu

Head back to Ryujin Industry and take the elevator up to the Executive Offices. Ularu is waiting for you. Give her the slate, and you’ll then be instructed to follow her. If you ever wanted to steal something in Ulrau’s office, this is the time to do it.

Ularu’s safe has 457 credits and a Zero-G Gimbal.

Follow Ularu and speak to Masako. This will end the quest and you’ll get 10,000 credits, 2 digipicks, and ammo. Nice!

Things are really starting to heat up. And Background Checks, the next quest in the Ryujin Industry Quest Line, promises to be even more convoluted.

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