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How to Complete Guilty Parties in Starfield

Who isn't backstabbing someone here?

Well, well, well. Looks like Imogene might be our mole. Or is she? Ryujin Industry is full of serpents and sabotage, so let’s not throw judgment too fast. Here’s how to complete Guilty Parties in Starfield.

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How to Start Starfield Guilty Parties

Guilty Parties is a quest in the Ryujin Industries questline, coming after Top Secrets and Background Checks. It’s issued by Dalton Fiennes, who is located in the Neon Ryujin Tower. After getting the quest from him, you’ll need to then talk to Imogene, who is on the Operations Floor.

How to Complete Ryujin Faction Quest Guilty Parties in Starfield

Top Secrets ended with a stunning reveal: All signs point to Imogene being the mole in Ryujin’s corrupt corporate intestines. But is she really the guilty party? Or is someone setting her up for a big fall?

One way to find out.

Head to Imogene’s office in Ryujin Industries. And what do you know, she’s not there. But Yuko is. Speak to her and ask about Imogene’s whereabouts. She’ll tell you that Imogene’s last location was at Frankie’s Grab-N-Go. A restaurant that happens to be a front for a high-tech hideout.

Speak to Dalton

It’s optional but speak to Dalton in the Executive Offices to get his sign off. He’s on the second floor, between the lobby and Ularu’s office.

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He’ll tell you to speak to Benjamin Bayu. One of my least favorite people in Neon, but a useful resource for getting to Imogene. He’s also in control of the enemy territory we’ll be entering.

If you have Negotiation, you can ask Dalton for a bargaining chip when it comes to Bayu.

Speak to Benjamin Bayu

To find Bayu, head into the Astral Lounge. Then take the elevator to the VIP floor. He’s in one of the VIP booths. We found him in VIP Booth 4.

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You can persuade or use Dalton’s favor to get him to agree. And that makes things easy enough! Now the Syndicate won’t be hostile when you search for Imogene.

Head to Frankie’s-Grab-and-Go

Frankie’s is in Ebbside. Take the door beside the Mining League to get there. Bring up your scanner to show the white arrow path if you’re struggling to find the way.

Once you’re in Frankie’s speak to Francesca/Frankie. This is optional, but tell her you’re there on Ryujin’s behalf. She’ll tell you to stay off the third floor or the Syndicate will open fire to you. She’ll also tell you where Imogene is.

Open the door in the back of the shop, and you’ll be in a small closet. Interact with the freezer to access the Seokguh Syndicate Hideout.

Syndicate Hideout fringe starfield
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Note: If you didn’t persuade Benjamin or offer to do him a favor, you’ll need to pickpocket the key to the Syndicate Hideout off of Francesca. To pickpocket, you’ll need at least one skill point in Theft.

Crouch behind her, then pickpocket her to get the Syndicate Hideout key.

Finding Imogene

The Syndicate Hideout feels like a parallel Ryujin Industry. It’s black and industrial. And overall, we like the vibe.

As Frankie promised, Imogene isn’t far. Upon entering, head all the way back, through the lobby and the open room with all the weapons.

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Or you can go up the stairs and then follow the path all the way back to the dorms. Doing so will lead you to the Syndicate bunks, where you can find a Skill Magazine that’s pretty rare!

Once that’s done, interact with the door to access the Syndicate Backrooms.

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Imogene will be waiting for you. Speak to her and find out what she has to say. You’ll then have to make a decision.

Starfield Guilty Parties Choice – What to Do With Imogene

Dalton gave you the order to bring in Imogene. But Imogene absolutely refuses to come in, leaving you with two options.

Kill Imogene – Consequences

If you attack Imogene, you’ll get the passcode for her computer, 973 credits, her unique outfit, and the slate she had on her. You can then give it to Dalton, and this will end the quest. It’s easily the worst option.

Take Imogene’s Slate – Consequences

Agree to take the slate from Imogene and return to Ryujin Industry. This will give you a chance to speak to Ularu to get her side of the story.

This is the absolute best option because it will give you the most choices in the next quest, which will have you decide on the CEO of Ryujin Industry, which has some pretty significant rewards. We highly recommend you take this option.

Return to Ryujin Industry

When you get up to the Executive Offices, Yuko will speak to you instantly. She’s a hound for gossip and we can respect that. If you ask her opinion about the situation, she’ll tell you to take it straight to Dalton. And after experimenting a bit, we’d have to agree.

Ularu Starfield Decision

Ularu Starfield
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If you opt to confront Ularu and complete a persuasion check, she’ll reveal her motives. She wants to oust Masako, the current CEO, and make Ryujin okay with murder in order to ensure long-term success. Ularu will then force you into a decision, making you decide between her and Masako.

Siding With Ularu

If you tell Ularu you’ll side with her, you’ll have no choice but to lie to Dalton when you give him Imogene’s slate. You can backstab Ularu later, though. This is probably the evil choice, as it’ll be helping Ularu push her brainwashing program Neuroamp on the market. This is pretty bad for many obvious reasons, so we really don’t recommend this choice. However, it is ultimately up to you.

Siding With Masako

If you choose Masako instead of Ularu, she’ll be aware of it in the next quest. So, yeah. Maybe Yuko is right. This is probably the most ethical decision here, as Masako cares about the future of Ryujin Industries. Masako is in full opposition against the Neuroamp project Ularu wants to push forward. Hopefully, we don’t have to tell you that mind control is kind of bad.

Speak to Dalton and Collect Your Rewards

Give the slate to Dalton. Say whatever you like, then collect your rewards: a bunch of meds and 4,800 Credits. Nice!

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